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Remember those HALCYON days when you woke up every morning with endless energy after an undisturbed sleep, with a head clear of brain fog or anxiety, without the need for medication, regular visits to the doctor or some form of stimulant to get you through the morning. Where you could eat and drink whatever you liked without gut or bowel issues or putting on weight, where exercise was for fun rather than to stay alive and when you were largely free from illness or disease?


“COACHING YOU back to your DAYS of OPTIMUM HEALTH, WEIGHT AND WELLBEING” through a 15 week personalized system specific to your needs.

People go their Doctor when something is wrong with their health. A doctor will diagnose the symptom of poor health and TREAT THE SYMPTOM with medication. Referred to as the ‘illness cycle’ where we become ill, go to the doctor, treat the symptoms, become ill, go to the doctor… etc.

Symptoms of Poor Health

High blood pressure, diabetes, very high cholesterol, eczema, heart disease, depression, IBS, endometriosis, cancer, liver disease, chronic fatigue, stroke, thyroid disease, weight gain, poor sleep, dementia, constipation, gout, shingles, cystic fibrosis, MS, headaches / migraines, PMS, diverticulitis, psoriasis, GERD, cellulitis, acne, lupus, sinus issues etc…etc…


Over 90% of these symptoms occur because of what you are eating and drinking (or not eating and drinking) on a weekly basis.

At Halcyon Health & Wellbeing – we do two things.

1. Show you how to PREVENT these symptoms of poor health through east to adapt life style habits and routines

2. Show you how to REVERSE (or cure) these symptoms without the use of medication by focusing on the CAUSE.

Your health, weight and wellbeing are influenced by 8 critical co-factors. To experience any one of these symptoms of poor health just one of the 8 co-factors needs to be out of sync (for example: sleep quality, hormonal imbalance, micro-nutrient balance, gut health, pH etc..)

However - to achieve optimum health, maintain optimum health or return to optimum health, weight & wellbeing, all 8 co-factors need to be aligned

This is what we do through the HALCYON LIVING WELL SYSTEMS

We coach you back to your halcyon days of optimum health, weight and wellbeing,

· Without the use of medication or constant visits to the GP

· Without the need for super foods, herbal remedies, special diets, pills or potions

· Without the need to measure, weigh, count, keep logs or check in with the technology attached to your wrist.

· Without the need to give up your favourite foods and drink

· Without the need for endless hours walking, running or attending a gym

· Without stifling your social or family life or interrupting your working routines.

We just show you how to integrate a Halcyon living system into your existing life style and we 100% guarantee you will be returned to those halcyon days of great health, weight and wellbeing – whatever your age , gender, ethnicity or pre-existing health or weight condition.

Learn how to ride the wellness cycle.


Ø 100% money back guarantee you will achieve your health, weight or wellbeing goals.

Ø 98.7% success rate

Ø All programmes are evidence based, scientifically designed and backed by a specialist coaching, medical and research team.

Ø Every client has their own personal wellness coach with a customized programme.

Ø A pioneer and worldwide MARKET LEADER in the field of health & wellbeing systems

Ø Reversal in negative health and weight gain effects (for 90% of illnesses)

Ø Prevention of illness and disease (for 90% of all illnesses)

Ø Permanent weight loss.

Ø Over10 years of worldwide programme delivery

Have a look at what we do, the programmes we offer, how we do it, what motivates us and what’s required on your part.

Or to find out more on how to return to your halcyon days of optimum health, weight and wellbeing contact:


Available Programmes

Below is a list of programmes run by theCOACHsmith:

Halcyon Living Well

As individuals we all know the WHY & WHAT we should be doing to improve our wellbeing. Eating healthy food, regular exercise, improving gut health, less stress and better sleep are important parts of the formula – but very few people understand the ‘HOW’.

Halcyon Living Well 3

Even in your 60’s, 70’s or 80’s it’s not too late to make some subtle changes to those daily habits and routines to significantly improve your health & wellbeing and in most instances reduce your medication, sometimes remove it entirely. We guarantee it.

Performing Well

Imagine waking up every morning with a spring in your step despite a hard physical and / or mental training regime. Imagine having high energy levels, high concentration and focus levels and general mental clarity – every day. Imagine no gut upsets, seldom being struck down with flu or sickness or imagine recovering quickly from scrapes bruises and injury.

Parenting Well

Research shows us very clearly that 3 broad parallel streams of support are crucial for our children to go on to reach their potential in life. We refer to these 3 streams as PARALLEL PARENTING. 1. Good health 2. Good parenting 3. Good education


Are you sick of being sick? Are you tired of getting the flu, feeling run down, developing bacterial, viral, parasitic or fungal infections? Are you sick of illness that takes a long time to shake off and comes back all too frequently. Are you tired of pumping your system with drugs and chemical that only address the symptoms of your illness rather than the cause? If so – you have come to the right place.

Working Well

Coming Soon

Teaching Well

Teaching Well

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