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In an INTEGRATED HEALTH MODEL, medication is only required in 10% of circumstances, after all functional prevention and cause reversal remedies have been exhausted.

Conversely, a medicine based health system, only kicks into action when you are already ill, it only focuses on addressing the SYMPTOMS of poor health (not the cause) and it's only tools are chemical, clinical or surgical interventions.

In a medicine based health model, medication is used in over 90% of initial diagnoses.

AN INTEGRATED HEALTH SYSTEM doesn’t condemn the use of medication, (quite the opposite) it simply places it at the end of the continuum as an option when confronted with acute / chronic conditions that may have been long standing and the cause simply cannot be prevented or reversed.

Medication can play a vital role in acute health circumstances treating symptoms, but it's important to also be addressing the actual root cause of the problem at the same time.

INTEGRATED HEALTH - applies proven best practice from the world’s top medical disciplines (Medical nutrition, naturopathy, Chinese medicine, Ayurveda medicine and conventional medicine). Whatever is in the best interest of our clients.

All of our strategies have been peer reviewed, clinically tested and are easily adapted into any lifestyle, circumstance or culture. There is no weighing, counting, measuring, keeping logs or ‘special’ foods or technology to buy. We do NOT believe in diets or ‘super foods’ because they are simply a marketing ruse. With LIVING WELL, you can still eat and drink what you like, we just show you how. We help you build a life style that allows you to live ILLNESS FREE and in the best mental and physical wellbeing and health.

We are the only health and wellbeing provider on the planet that offers a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if you are not happy with your results.

That may provide a clue about how effective the SIGMA - INTEGRATED HEALTH SYSTEM is.

How can we guarantee success?

How can we help people reverse the cause of over 250 preventable health & wellbeing conditions?

Every health issue is caused by a biochemical, genetic, microbiome, neurological, hormonal or nutritional imbalance. Often a number of these causative effects are in play at one time.

Our first role is to identify any of these imbalances, pinpoint the cause(s), identify any existing health conditions, any looming health conditions before introducing a personal plan to reverse the cause, remove symptoms and reduce or remove the need for medication use (if we can) with the support of your Doctor.

Our staff are the world’s best at what they do. As personal wellbeing coaches they are highly motivated by results and assisting individuals, families and groups develop an ILLNESS FREE living and working lifestyle.

They have delivered to thousands of people all over the globe with a 98.4% success rate. The only reason a LIVING WELL programme might fail is because it’s not applied diligently or the client wasn’t really ready to make some changes.

If you are considering signing up with us, be sure you are ready to slightly modify the way you live, work, train or parent and are ready for some significant health and wellbeing benefits. If you want improved health and wellbeing but don’t want to alter most of your current lifestyle habits and routines then PEP-ih probably isn’t for you.

Feel free to navigate around the site for more information on any of the SIGMA-ih programmes.

If you are an INDIVIDUAL (over 16 and under 65) or a FAMILY (ages 1 to 65) looking to improve your wellbeing, health or weight to live illness free, click on: LIVING WELL

If you are OVER 65 looking to improve or preserve your health, longevity, independence and quality of life, click on: AGING WELL

If you are an EMPLOYER, looking to improve staff productivity and engagement and want to build an illness free work force, click on: WORKING WELL.

If you are an ATHLETE hindered by health issues, training, competing and recovering below optimum where 'effort' isn't a factor and want to improve output by 10 to 40%, click on: PERFORMING WELL

To find out more or to have a confidential (no obligation) discussion about your health, wellbeing or weight management needs with our lead medical nutritionist, contact:


[email protected]

Ph: (NZ) 0800 248 626

Ph: (O/s) +64 21 248 6206

Available Programmes

Below is a list of programmes run by theCOACHsmith:


As individuals we all know the WHY & WHAT we should be doing to improve our wellbeing. Eating healthy food, regular exercise, improving gut health, less stress and better sleep are important parts of the formula – but very few people understand the ‘HOW’. Living Well is a simple system that PREVENTS sickness and disease, REVERSES THE CAUSE of sickness and disease and PROTECTS you in the future from sickness and disease. We guarantee it.


SIGMA AGING is shaping the future of growing old. For far too long we have held the belief that the consequence of aging is a combination of cognitive decline, physical degeneration, illness, disease and the increased use of medication. This is what the system would have us believe as we enter the third trimester of life. But every single day SIGMA AGING continues to disprove this notion as more and more people over 65 learn how to take back control of their health and wellbeing to live a long, independent, illness free life.


A truly life changing programme for high performers that removes the number one barrier to high performance consistency. We help high performers raise their performance optimization levels to five plus days a week rather than the average of one. We help build their intensity and output on those days between 30 and 50%. As an executive you will LIVE, WORK, TRAVEL & PERFORM illness free and at your optimum mental & physical wellbeing & health. As an athlete you will TRAIN, COMPETE, RECOVER & TRAVEL at your optimum mental & physical wellbeing & health. Both will build a level of mental resilience and capability that is unprecedented. SIGMA ELITE is for the high performer in any code / any industry.


Imagine a workforce that doesn’t get sick, where employees are mentally and physically work ready 5 days a week rather than the industry average of one. Working Well means an ILLNESS FREE WORKFORCE. Working Well means a highly productive, engaged and safe workforce.


We look after the health and wellbeing of educational leaders, support staff and teaching staff in New Zealand and Australian schools. It’s private, confidential, voluntary and highly successful. Most Principals understand that the health, wellbeing and happiness of staff is inextricably linked to the success of a school. We help you build that success by creating a workforce that is ILLNESS FREE, resulting in measurable improvements in PRODUCTIVITY, ENGAGEMENT & TARGET ACHIEVEMENT.


A protocol that assists parents to look after their personal wellbeing and health as they ensure their children lay the foundation for life long health and wellbeing.


A protocol that assists fertility and supports the health and well-being of both parents and baby through pregnancy and the first 12 months of life


SUPPORT is a life long service that keeps you up to date with the very latest science, research and knowledge on mental & physical wellbeing & health. The service also gives you & your family 7 day a week access to a personal wellness coach.


The earths tilt is 23 degrees and this determines our seasons. It also influences what foods are produced where, for how long and at what quality. 23 is the ultimate living plan because it enables diversity in what you eat and subsequent gut microbiome diversity for great health. 23 is a 12 month guide on how to modify your living plan seasonally to ensure you retain all of the mental and physical wellbeing & health benefits established through your programme.


We now fully understand the short and long term health risks of exposure to circadian disruption through night shifts and while these risks can be significant, more importantly, we also understand how to mitigate these risks so employees can live healthy and well lives.


As parents, coaches and support people we only get one shot at helping a son, daughter or athlete achieve the high performance sport dream. WON SHOT is a unique programme designed for a young athlete wanting to learn the inseparable connection between - performance nutrition and hydration, mental skills and fitness and personal wellbeing and health. This is the only specialist programme of its kind in Australasia and a game changer for someone with potential, if they wish to transition into high performance sport.


We get asked on a daily basis what we believe will happen with COVID and if we are heading down the right path. Take a quick read. It might just challenge your current thinking.

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