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This is where comes in.

Our first role is to help you understand which 50%.

Our second role is to introduce and guide you through ONE OF EIGHT SCIENTIFICALLY DESIGNED SYSTEMS that are very EASY to apply, and GUARANTEED* QUICK, YET LONG TERM health, wellbeing, weight management and performance RESULTS.

We have system solutions for over 90% of all health, wellbeing and weight management issues, without using medication, without TURNING YOUR LIFE UPSIDE DOWN, without having to eliminate your favourite food and drink, without measuring, weighing, keeping logs, special foods, pills, potions, concoctions or pieces of technology to buy and without starving you to death.

97.6% of all people who complete a programme hit all of their goals.

THAT’S OUR GUARANTEE: Results inside 25 weeks or your money back / or ongoing coaching support free of charge until goals are achieved – your choice.

*NOTE: A money back guarantee applies to all NZ$274 programmes and Premum ($574) programmes. The guarantee does not apply to the $78 programme.

The COACHSMITH has been a pioneer and worldwide MARKET LEADER in the field of health & wellbeing systems across multiple fields for well over 10 years.

The reason for our success is very simple: WE DELIVER the ‘HOW’. And we wouldn’t guarantee your money back if we couldn’t deliver.

Have a look at what we do, the programmes we offer, how we do it, what motivates us and what’s required on your part. If you are still not sure if one of our COACHSMITH SYSTEMS is suitable for you, contact me personally for a confidential (no obligation) chat on

Pete (AKA thecoachsmith)

Available Programmes

Below is a list of programmes run by theCOACHsmith:

Living Well

As individuals we all know the WHY & WHAT we should be doing to improve our wellbeing. Eating healthy food, regular exercise, improving gut health, less stress and better sleep are important parts of the formula – but very few people understand the ‘HOW’.

Living Well 3

Even in your 60’s, 70’s or 80’s it’s not too late to make some subtle changes to those daily habits and routines to significantly improve your health & wellbeing and in most instances reduce your medication, sometimes remove it entirely. We guarantee it.

Performing Well

Imagine waking up every morning with a spring in your step despite a hard physical and / or mental training regime. Imagine having high energy levels, high concentration and focus levels and general mental clarity – every day. Imagine no gut upsets, seldom being struck down with flu or sickness or imagine recovering quickly from scrapes bruises and injury.

Parenting Well

Research shows us very clearly that 3 broad parallel streams of support are crucial for our children to go on to reach their potential in life. We refer to these 3 streams as PARALLEL PARENTING. 1. Good health 2. Good parenting 3. Good education

UT Well

Are you confronted with a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) that is simply not responding to ‘traditional’ (antibiotic / antiviral / antifungal) treatment or do you simply want to avoid putting more chemicals into your system to remove the symptoms? If so – you have come to the right place.

Working Well

Coming Soon

Teaching Well

Teaching Well

At theCOACHsmith we know how to live well, but most importantly we will coach you to achieve a quality of life envied by others and described simply as 'NEW HEALTH'. A life full of wellness, energy, focus, leanness, vitality and the ability and freedom to live as you please. To achieve this you need accurate and dependable knowledge and support that is ongoing and reliable. This is what our coaches provide.
Pricing & Shipping
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Delivery of physical items can be expected within four working days of receipt of payment to standard non-rural addresses & within five working days for rural addresses.
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