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· Taking the guesswork, frustration and uncertainty out of managing your mental & physical wellbeing, health & weight management.

· We are the NUMBER ONE online provider for all the latest systems, evidence based research and science on wellbeing and health.

* Eight programme options are available


Mental & Physical Wellbeing & Health PROTECTION

If you are currently free from sickness, disease and medication use now and want to stay that way for the remainder of your life, LIVING WELL or LIVING 3 (for people over 65 in their third trimester of life) has to tools and support to ensure this occurs.

- No sickness, no disease, no weight gain, limited or no medication use, no technology dependency, no special or restrictive diets to follow, no counting, measuring, weighting or keeping logs.


Mental & Physical Wellbeing & Health CAUSE REVERSAL

If you are noticing some subtle health marker changes to your physical / mental wellbeing or weight or you are sick and tired of constant Doctor or hospital visits or sick of medication dependency or you feel your health is just treading water, LIVING WELL or LIVING WELL 3 (For people over 65) will reverse the cause of these issues (rather than just treating the symptoms with medication)

- No sickness, no weight gain, reduced or no medication use*, no restrictive eating plans, no technology dependency no counting, weighing, measuring or keeping logs.

*(Any medication reduction or removal occurs only with the approval and guidance of your GP / Specialist)


Mental & physical Wellbeing & Health TREATMENT.

For people that have experienced long periods of poor mental or physical health & wellbeing and long term medication dependency (and you are past the stage of cause reversal). We can help you treat your symptoms without the use of medication (or with considerably less medication)



Most people incorrectly believe they need to lose weight to be healthy. The exact opposite is true. You first need to be healthy to lose weight. The LIVING WELL system allows for total control

LIVING WELL3 (For people over 65) will measurably improve your quality of life by complimenting any medication use with some subtle lifestyle habit and routine changes.

- No sickness, reduced medication use, no restrictive eating plans, no technology dependency, no weighting, counting, measuring or keeping logs.


WORKING WELL is a fully comprehensive wellbeing & health support service that will eliminate work place sickness, measurably improve an individual’s work readiness rating, measurably improve staff productivity & engagement by bringing everyone on the plan up to optimal mental and physical wellbeing status.

- No staff illness, no intrusion into work time, measurably improved energy levels, focus, concentration and general wellbeing, improved KPI / target achievement.


PERFORMING WELL brings every individual on the plan (athlete, coach, support-staff) up to optimum mental and physical wellbeing & health status and keep them at that status in order to train, compete, recover and travel at a consistently high level.

- No sickness, reduced or no medication use, no technology dependency, no intrusion into regular training / competition time, no intrusion into conditioning or nutritional plans.


TEACHING & PARENTING WELL. We look after the physical and mental wellbeing & health of senior management, teaching staff and support staff, while supporting parents to understand how to optimise the health and wellbeing of themselves and their children.

- No staff illness, no intrusion into work time, measurably improved energy levels, focus, concentration and general wellbeing. Improved target achievement

- Less student illness, improved energy levels, behaviour, focus and concentration. Improved learning outcomes.


We coach parents on how to ensure a child becomes and remains healthy and well.

One of the greatest gifts a parent can provide a child is a life time of optimum mental & physical wellbeing & health.

PARENTING WELL is that gift. Learn how to remove the risk of childhood sickness and disease or to reverse the cause of existing childhood sickness or disease. Your child will transition into adulthood with innate skills, knowledge, habits & routines that will ensure the biggest barrier to achieving their potential in life, (poor mental & physical health & wellbeing) is removed

SWITCH is the ULTIMATE lifestyle eating and living plan. Once you have completed any of the above programmes, SWITCH integrates all of your new knowledge, habits and routines to ensure you maintain optimum wellbeing & health for life.

Described as the world's most effective health & wellbeing INSURANCE because it ensures you seldom require doctor or hospital visits. COACH provides you with weekly updates on the latest science, research and non-pharma health developments. Your family has 7 day a week access to a personal wellness coach and after completing any of the above programmes we guarantee you simply will not get sick with serious illness or disease.

We welcome your enquiries and we would love to support you or the organisations you are involved with to live, work and perform the Halcyon way.

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Available Programmes

Below is a list of programmes run by theCOACHsmith:

Halcyon Living Well

As individuals we all know the WHY & WHAT we should be doing to improve our wellbeing. Eating healthy food, regular exercise, improving gut health, less stress and better sleep are important parts of the formula – but very few people understand the ‘HOW’. Living Well is a simple system that PREVENTS sickness and disease, REVERSES THE CAUSE of sickness and disease and PROTECTS you in the future from sickness and disease. We guarantee it.

Halcyon Living Well 3

Halcyon Living well 3 is shaping the future of growing old. For far too long we have held the belief that the consequence of aging is a combination of cognitive decline, physical degeneration, illness, disease and the increased use of medication. This is what the system would have us believe as we enter the third trimester of life. But every single day LW3 continues to disprove this notion as more and more people over 65 learn how to take back control of their health and wellbeing. We return people regardless of age to their halcyon days of optimum health, weight and wellbeing. And we guarantee the results.

Performing Well

Imagine waking up every morning with a spring in your step despite a hard physical and / or mental training regime. Imagine having high energy levels, high concentration and focus levels and general mental clarity – every day. Imagine no sickness what-so -ever throughout the entire, pre-season, in-season and post season. Imagine recovering quickly from scrapes bruises and injury. You no longer need to imagine. This is the reality of PERFORMING WELL.

Working Well

Imagine a workforce that doesn’t get sick, sits in the 90% percentile for mental and physical wellbeing biomarkers and is at work ready optimum five days a week, rather than the industry average of one. Working Well means you no longer have to imagine.

Teaching Well

We look after the health and wellbeing of educational leaders, support staff and teaching staff in New Zealand and Australian schools. It’s private, confidential, voluntary and highly successful. Most Principals understand that the health, wellbeing and happiness of staff is inextricably linked to the success of a school. We help you build that success by creating a workforce that’s high performance capable – every day.


COACH is a life long service that keeps you up to day with the very latest science, research and knowledge on mental & physical wellbeing & health. The service also gives you & your family 7 day a week access to a personal wellness coach.


There is no such thing as the perfect diet, but there is the perfect eating & living plan and it's called "Switch'. A 12 month guide on how to retain all of the mental and physical wellbeing & health benefits established through your programme.

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