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Remember those HALCYON days when you woke up every morning with endless energy after an undisturbed sleep, with a head clear of brain fog or anxiety, without the need for medication, regular visits to the doctor or some form of stimulant to get you through the morning. Where you could eat and drink whatever you liked without gut or bowel issues or the fear of putting on weight, where exercise was for fun rather than to stay alive and when you never had to visit a doctor because you were largely free from illness or disease?

We do three things.

1. If you are currently healthy and well, we ensure you stay that way - for life. Our systems prevent sickness, disease, weight gain and protect you against future health & wellbeing issues - without the use of medication. And we guarantee the results.

2. If you are currently experiencing health and wellbeing issues - we reverse the cause of those issues, reduce or remove the need for medication use and protect you against any future reocurrance. And we guarantee the results

3. If you have allowed your health to get away on you after perhaps years of neglect (and we can't cause reverse) we will help you manage your symptoms without the use of medication.

Much like an umbrella that protects us from rain, sun and snow yet still allows us to do whatever we want in a typical day, the HALCYON system of LIVING WELL protects us from sickness, weight gain and disease, yet still allows us to live, work, perform and socialize as we normally would.

Everyone understands the principles of 'WHAT' WE NEED TO DO to be healthy, lean and well. (Eat well, exercise, sleep well and reduce stress...etc).



The Halcyon Systems scientifically integrate the 8 co-factors of optimum health & wellbeing into an easy to operate life style. (Macronutrients, micronutrients, pH, Gut health, Hormonal balance, Exercise, Sleep, Low oxidation / inflammation / glycation). To achieve optimum health, weight and wellbeing, all 8 co-factors need to be in homeostasis. This is the HOW.

· 100% money back guarantee you will achieve your health, weight or wellbeing goals.

· 98.7% success rate.

· All non-pharmacological strategies (no medication) – integrating the 8 co-factors of optimum health, weight and wellbeing into your life style.

· All programmes are evidence based, scientifically designed and backed by a specialist coaching, medical and research team.

· No counting, weighing, measuring, keeping logs, special foods to eat or technology to buy.

· You can eat and drink as much as you like and whatever you like. We just show you when and how.

· Every client has their own personal wellness coach with a customized programme.

· A pioneer and worldwide MARKET LEADER in the field of health & wellbeing systems

· Reversal of negative health and weight gain effects (for 90% of illnesses)

· Prevention of illness and disease (for 90% of all illnesses)

· Protection against 90% of all sickness and disease.

· Permanent weight loss if that is your goal

· Over 10 years of worldwide programme delivery

We offer clients 5 wellness systems.

HALCYON LIVING WELL: A 15 week customised, personally coached health and wellbeing programme that aligns the 8 co-factors of optimum health. This system will address over 90% of preventable diseases. Success rate over 98%. Over 14,000 people through the HLW & HLW3 programmes. Results 100% guaranteed.

HALCYON LIVING WELL 3: A 15 week customised, persoanlly coached health & wellbeing programme that aligns the 8 co-factors of optimum health for people in their third trimester of life- over the age of 60. This system will address over 90% of preventable diseases. Success rate over 98%. Over 14,000 people through the HLW & HLW3 programmes. Results 100% guaranteed.

WORKING WELL: A fully comprehensive health and wellbeing support service for businsses and organisations that measurably improves staff productivity, engagement and presentism. The system also includes the option of a personalised 15 week halcyon wellness programme for all staff.

TEACHING WELL: A fully comprehensive health and wellbeing support service for educational leaders, support staff and teaching staff that also includes the option of a personalised 15 week halcyon wellness programme.

PERFORMING WELL: High performance individuals and teams are just clicking onto the fact that performance wellness is a 'thing'. In fact we now can measurably show that athlete, coach and support staff wellbeing can increase performance outcomes by more than 20%. This is a revolutionary new system that measurably improves training and competition performance and recovery.

Have a look at what we do, the programmes we offer, how we do it, what motivates us and what’s required on your part.

We welcome your enquiries and we would love to support you or the organisations you are involved with live, work and perform the halcyon way.

To find out more on how to put up your umbrella and retain or return to your halcyon days of optimum health, weight and wellbeing contact:


Ph: (NZ) 0800 248 626

Ph: (O/s) +64 21 248 6206

Available Programmes

Below is a list of programmes run by theCOACHsmith:

Halcyon Living Well

As individuals we all know the WHY & WHAT we should be doing to improve our wellbeing. Eating healthy food, regular exercise, improving gut health, less stress and better sleep are important parts of the formula – but very few people understand the ‘HOW’. Halcyon Living Well is a simple system that PREVENTS sickness and disease, REVERSES THE CAUSE of sickness and disease and PROTECTS you in the future from sickness and disease. We guarantee it.

Halcyon Living Well 3

Halcyon Living well 3 is shaping the future of growing old. For far too long we have held the belief that the consequence of aging is a combination of cognitive decline, physical degeneration, illness, disease and the increased use of medication. This is what the system would have us believe as we enter the third trimester of life. But every single day LW3 continues to disprove this notion as more and more people over 65 learn how to take back control of their health and wellbeing. We return people regardless of age to their halcyon days of optimum health, weight and wellbeing. And we guarantee the results. We then follow this up with two amazing support services that help you retain your independence deep into your senior years: HALCYON HEALTH and MG LIVING

Performing Well

Imagine waking up every morning with a spring in your step despite a hard physical and / or mental training regime. Imagine having high energy levels, high concentration and focus levels and general mental clarity – every day. Imagine no gut upsets, seldom being struck down with flu or sickness or imagine recovering quickly from scrapes bruises and injury.

Parenting Well

Research shows us very clearly that 3 broad parallel streams of support are crucial for our children to go on to reach their potential in life. We refer to these 3 streams as PARALLEL PARENTING. 1. Good health 2. Good parenting 3. Good education Parenting well is an innovative programme that unlocks the capability of every child by helping parents and educators align the three streams.


Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired? Are you over always having the flu, feeling run down, developing bacterial, viral, parasitic or fungal infections? Are you sick of illness that takes a long time to shake off and comes back all too frequently? Are you tired of pumping your system with drugs and chemicals that only address the symptoms of your illness rather than the cause? If so – you have come to the right place.

Working Well

Very few businesses recognise that a significant gap exists between the priorities of the business and the priorities of staff despite the regular rhetoric about company values and culture. Even less recognise that to close the 'gap' and excel at achieving the business priorities, you simply need to address the four universal priorities of every staff member. Let us help your organisation own the mountain top for the healthiest, happiest, most secure and safest staff in your industry.

Teaching Well

We look after the health and wellbeing of educational leaders, support staff and teaching staff in New Zealand and Australian schools. It’s private, confidential, voluntary and highly successful. Most Principals understand that the health, wellbeing and happiness of staff is inextricably linked to the success of a school. We help you build that success by creating a workforce that’s high performance capable – every day.

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