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· Facilitator’s of optimal health & life. Facilitators of an ILLNESS FREE LIFESTYLE

· Medical specialists, medical nutritionists, researchers, nutritionists, professional coaches and consultants dedicated to the purpose of providing families with choice around their health care plans.

"It's now very rare for anyone in our family to have a need to visit a GP or use medication - which is amazing given we were in and out every second month before we did LIVING WELL. But perhaps the most amazing thing about this system is it applies to kids just as much as adults. Our three children have never been healthier and as parents we are comforted in the fact they are learning habits and routines that will set them up for a life of good health. A really amazing system and something every family should consider."

Ross Owens, Wellington, NZ


Pete Smith

Pete (aka the coachsmith) is our Lead Wellness and master coach. Pete has a career background in

education, sport & health at the highest levels with qualifications in Nutrition, Exercise science and teaching

He started back in 2009 pioneering many new initiatives in the wellness industry and works hard to bring legitimacy to the notion that nutrition is the world’s most effective health and wellbeing tool.

As a consummate pragmatist he is committed to applying the science of medical nutritional and exercise physiology in a way people can understand and easily apply to their lives to prevent illness and improve health outcomes.

As a performance wellbeing coach, he works with an organisation to ensure every human asset (from top to bottom) is functioning at their optimum mental and physical ability and then with their new personal habits, skills and knowledge retain that capability. If your orgaanisation or team wants results or to maintain existing results, there is no-one more skilled to help you achieve this. In almost all high performance environments he first enters, less than 20% of the employees are actually high performance capable because of wellbeing and health constrictions. By removing all of those limitations the success doors fly open.

As an educator he wants to help people understand how their body and mind functions, the power of nutrition and how they have a choice and control over their personal health if they so choose.

MSc Dip PE Dip Tchg (Hon) Dip Herb Med


Leigh Dalzell

Leigh is our lead coach for the LIVING well 3 system with over 25 years working with mature senior clients. She is regarded in the industry as a leading practitioner in this field. She specializes in exercise science for over 60 year olds, but with an in-depth understanding of the cognitive, biological, social and physical challenges of aging and processes addressed within the Living well 3 system


A background in primary health, falls prevention, green prescription, cardiac and diabetes education

Dr Gavin Tauroa

Gavin has spent most of his working life practicing and researching holistic Nutrition and health in diverse communities in England, the United States and Australia. He consultants for numerous global organisations and we feel fortunate to have him as part of our consulting team. Gavin is our clinical consultant and moderates (peer reviews) the material used in our coaching practices.

MChD, Diploma in Herbal Medicine and Diploma in Naturopathy

Phillipa Harris

Pip is a highly experienced and professional wellness coach. She specializes in. hormonal well-being, mental health, fatigue, gut health and women’s health. She gets out of bed every day to improve the lives and happiness of her clients.

MSc (human Nutrition), Dip Tchg , Diploma in Herbal Medicine, Diploma in Naturopathy. AMC

Toni Ashton

Toni is a clinical nutritionist with experience working with minority ethnic groups. She has worked extensively with indigenous groups in Australia, the UK and New Zealand and is one of our senior wellness coaches

BSc (Human Nutrition) Dip Tchg, Diploma in Holistic Therapies

Logan Smith

Logan as a practicing Physiotherapist with a back ground in neuroscience and acts as a consultant to HALCYON

BSc (neuroscience), BPhty

Dr Andrea Whu

Andrea is a researcher. She has this remarkable ability to peel back the layers of the literature onion and source scientific evidence based material that challenges the conventional wisdoms of western medicine and strongly influences the makeup of the coachsmith programmes.

Ph.D (Human Genetics)

Sonja Lurajud

Sonja is known as New Zealand’s Sugar free chef. She has this remarkable skill of converting a regular, every day recipe into a sugar free, trans fat free, sodium free edition that doesn’t compromise the integrity of taste and looks.

Completed a 3 year food science apprenticeship and studied at Otago Polytechnic gaining her London City of Guilds 706/1 and 706/2 qualifications. A passionate chef for well over 30 years.

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