The BLUEZONE programmes are based around personal one on one coaching and the ‘Coach Chat’ model.

All of our coaches are professional, experienced and highly trained wellness specialists.  They receive extensive training on the BLUEZONE system and have either a background as a nutritionist, dietitian, exercise physiologist, psychologist, nurse, educator, midwife or doctor.

When you sign up for a programme you are assigned 2 coaches – one male, one female. We match the most appropriate coaches to your specific health and well being needs and goals.

Your coaches are introduced to you in your ‘programme set up’ material.

On some occasions we also assign another specialist to your programme, for example a physiotherapist, if you have a particular issue to address.

Communication with Your Coaches

The main form of communication with your coach is through the ‘Coach Chat’ system. Every new client receives 12 COMPLIMENTARY COACH CHAT CREDITS.

You can use the credits at your discretion and in one of three ways.

  1. Email – an email request or question to your coach is 2 CREDITS. You receive a response within 24 hours.
  2. Phone – a 30 minutes phone consultation with your coach is 6 CREDITS
  3. Skype – a 30 minute skype consultation with your coach is 6 CREDITS.

If you sign up through a business, organisation or place of work that has commissioned theCOACHSMITH to run a wellness programme you receive 18 complimentary credits, as opposed to 12.

If you use up your credit allocation you can purchase new credits through ‘Coach Chat’ on the menu bar.

NOTE: The programme content you receive is very detailed and easy to follow. For the majority of clients the 12 (or 18) complimentary credits will be all you need for the duration of your programme. However, people with more complex health issues not doing the LIVING WELL PLUS programme who require more contact with their coaches can have control over exactly how much time they require.

Coaches have some discretion with the use of Coach Chat. On the odd occasion a coach may make contact with you to provide additional resourcing and advice.

In additional – a place of work, business or organisation can negotiate unlimited coach access for their employees as part of their terms when they sign up for a programme.

The Coach Chat Credits Apply to the Following BLUEZONE Programmes.

Living Well, V, Performing Well, Parenting Well, Retiring Well.


If you are signed on to the BLUEZONE Living Well PLUS programme you receive 7 day a week, unlimited access to your coach.  The Coach Chat credit system does not apply to you. BLUEZONE Living Well PLUS is generally for people with more serious and challenging health and wellbeing issues.