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Q: If I sign up for SUPPORT, will the services be available for my entire family?

A: YES. Upon registration you list the family members the service will apply to and they are all covered.

Q: If a family member decides that they want to do a full programme, is the cost of this programme covered through SUPPORT?

A: No. The family member receives full consultation support and we provide non-pharma interventions that deal with a specific health or wellbeing issues, but the cost of a full LIVING WELL or AGING WELL programme is separate.

Q: What does the weekly E-news letter (WHO KNEW) include?

A: Each week you receive an email with the latest research on a particular wellbeing or health theme. Themes include: sleep, gut health, weight management, mind health, autoimmune conditions, seasonal health conditions, the latest products on the markets.

We alert you to the misinformation, the unsubstantiated, the marketing ruses, the false claims, what the science says and what the research says.

We outline the evidence based, scientific truth about how best to prevent illness and disease, reverse the cause of illness and disease and for people with irreversible health conditions how to reduce or remove the medication you are taking with the support of your Doctor.

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