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I’m Pete Smith (AKA thecoachsmith)

It often surprises people to know that ‘illness’ is now officially the biggest growth industry in the world. Despite the proliferation of fitness programmes & services, dieting programmes, online experts, new technology, new medical and nutritional research and new drugs, literally millions of people rely on you and I being ill for their livelihood.

So with all the resources, knowledge and ‘expertise’ available to us, one would naturally assume health, wellbeing and weight management issues would be very quickly and easily resolved.

We all know this is not the case.

As individuals we all know the WHY & WHAT we should be doing to improve our wellbeing. Eating healthy food, regular exercise, improving gut health, less stress and better sleep are important parts of the formula – but very few people understand the ‘HOW’.

This is where the LIVING WELL system comes in.

Never before in your life time has there been such a SIMPLE, RELIABLE & COST EFFECTIVE system to follow that PERMANENTLY IMPROVES every aspect of your health, wellbeing and weight and still allows you to live a normal lifestyle. You don’t need to give up your favourite food and drink, you don’t have to turn your life upside down or put it on hold. You are not required to eat tasteless food, measure, weigh or count and nor do you need to forego socialisation, travel, holidays or special occasion events.

You simply need to be ready to adapt aspects of the LIVING WELL system into your existing life style and be open minded enough to scientifically challenge some of the conventional wisdoms, perceptions and myths that currently dictate your life style decisions.

This will result in you having more energy, better focus and concentration, less illness, the curing of long term sickness, less risk of ever becoming ill, improved sleep, less stress, less medication, a leaner body shape, fewer visits to your doctor and a measurable improvement in every single one of your health bio-markers. We actually guarantee it.

Have a look at what we do, how we do it, what motivates us and what’s required on your part. If you are still not sure if LIVING WELL is suitable for you, contact me personally for a confidential (no obligation) chat on

Pete Smith (AKA thecoachsmith)

At theCOACHsmith we know how to live well, but most importantly we will coach you to achieve a quality of life envied by others and described simply as 'NEW HEALTH'. A life full of wellness, energy, focus, leanness, vitality and the ability and freedom to live as you please. To achieve this you need accurate and dependable knowledge and support that is ongoing and reliable. This is what our coaches provide.
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