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“Society has convinced us that with aging comes a decline in neurological and physical wellbeing, health and capability. This is simply NOT TRUE and SIGMA-ih proves this every single day.”

"The diseases people experience as they age are not 'aging diseases' but diseases of poor life style choices. All of the symptoms (and often the cause) of these illnesses can be reversed with lifestyle modifications - at any age"

What does SIGMA AGING do?


AGING WELL is HOW TO THRIVE IN YOUR 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's. Its all about BIOLOGICAL AGE, not CHRONOLOGICAL AGE.

Our focus: To reduce or remove the need for medication, to measurably improve MENTAL & PHYSICAL wellbeing and health for your stage in life, and as you move through the third trimster of life, ensure you age ILLNESS & DISEASE FREE.

We want to help you close the gap between your 'HEALTH LIFE SPAN' and your 'CHRONOLOGICAL LIFE SPAN'. In far too many people over 60 the health life span expires in their late 60's or 70's. From that point on, their quality of life is compromised.They may still live for another 10, 15, even 20 years which makes the cost of care and dependency expensive and debilitating.


We help you straighten the HEALTH SPAN CURVE and actually want you to actually DIE HEALTHY, without the decay, without the distress, without the burden and without the cost.

SIGMA AGING WELL is a remarkable process that allows people in the third trimester of their life, to live, largely illness free, and enjoy a quality, long, (independent) life.

We can't produce miracles, (although some clients would argue otherwise) but we can ensure the last third of your life is not burdened by poor health and wellbeing issues.

The only barrier to living - is poor health.

While society makes a lot of the fact that the elderly are living longer, the truth is, the majority of people are actually just dying longer.

Poor health and medication dependency has taken over far too early and now dictates how people live.

This is what we hear often from people over 65 with deteriorating health.

"It's too late for me now"


The human body is just as capable of self-repair and self-healing at 70 as it is at 17.

Your cognitive acumen can be at 87 as it was at 27.

SIGMA AGING facilitates this process and ensures the health and wellbeing barriers to a quality third trimester are removed.

Even in your 60’s, 70’s or 80’s it’s not too late to make some subtle changes to those daily habits and routines to significantly improve your health & wellbeing and quality of life. We guarantee it.

And for the people who are ‘healthy’ now, the last thing you want is for this to change.

"I expect to live an independent, active and fulfilling life right up to my final day and SIGMA AGING is allowing me to do this. The support I get every week keeps me healthy and young. I just love life"

Hillary Thomas (90, Oamaru, NZ)

We coach people over the age of 65 back to those days of good health, weight and wellbeing for your stage in life.

* Your medication will be reduced or removed,

* You will be ill less often. Symptoms will be less. Recovery will quicker.

* Long standing sickness will be reduced or removed,

* Your cognitive and physical health will measurably improve

* Your balance, mobility, strength will measurably improve

* We can provide you with daily personal coaching support for life.

* You will retain your independence longer and you will enjoy a healthier and happier life style.

"When it finally became time for dad to move in we were really prepared. It's just been the greatest thing and so successful we can't really believe it. His health has just improved out of sight since starting sigma aging and he’s developed such confidence, getting that old spark back. Now we have someone home all day, meals often prepared, cleaning occasionally done, child care and the pleasure of living with one of the nicest and smartest person on earth. Our children just adore the new relationship with their granddad and most important of all - my dad is just so, so happy, living each day with purpose. He is even cooking us some of his healthy flash meals he learnt from the Sigma programme. Love it!" Rhonda and Karl Sebastian: Napier, NZ

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