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Multi-generational Living occurs in hundreds of cultures and has been alive and well for thousands of years.

MG living evolves from societal respect for ones parents and the aging. It is traditional in many cultures for the children to look after a parent (in their home) for the last stage of the parents life.

In NZ & Australia, we tend to do the opposite. We look for anyway possible to keep our lives seperate.

However, over the next 30 to 40 years in excess of 40% the population will be over the age of 60. Health care and end of life care facilities simply will not cope and no-one is prepared to have these conversations.

The cost of retirement village life or full time residential care living is prohibitive for most families now. And while there are some good operators in the retirement village / care market, the truth is, the majority are nothing more than property development sites with senior people as residents. They make money when a resident dies. The quicker they die the quicker they make money. Cynical but unfortunately true. End of life care can be very expensive especially if someone requires specialist care for the likes of dementia. Very few families can afford $1500 to $2500 extra a week (every week) for care. When demand exceeds supply, as will inevitiably occur, the cost of support will be prohibitive.

It simply doesn't need to be this way. You do not need to melt away a life time of asset or wealth accumulation just to see out the final few years of your life.

It just makes sense to put contingencies in place NOW to safe guard people over 65.

We help people minimize the risk of neuro-degeneration (Alzheimer's, parkinsons etc)

We put in place a falls risk reduction strategy

We put in a place a scientifically designed activity plan that ensures mobility, balance and strength .

We show people how to live to ensure optimum immune health all year round.

AND - it literally costs you less than $600 - for most people less than $300 - to put the foundations in place (the halcyon Living Well 3, 15 week programme), then just $100 a month for life long care.





Halcyon Health starts with personalised health & wellbeing programme (Halcyon Living well 3) that runs for 15 weeks that will measurably improve quality of life, take people back to their days of great wellbeing, energy and vitality and protect them from future health issues. This programme will cost an individual between NZ $274 and $574 depending on your level of need and existing issues.

Once the 15 week programme is complete - the client has the option of HALCYON HEALTH - A $100 A MONTH support infrastructure that provides:

Daily health and wellbeing support: Access to their coach 7 days a week. Support to ensure you remain INDEPENDENT, HAPPY & WELL, deep into your life.

Access to the latest research on health, wellbeing an aging

Support with the 4 seasons living plan: how to eat seasonally and structure your week to retain optimum health and wellbeing.

Access to hundreds of knowledege clips, ideas and online seminars on senior health and wellbeing

A call from a wellness coach EVERY month

Access to menu planners / simple recipes for healthy living

We provide life time support to ensure you remain free from sickness, illness and disease.

This support costs as little as $100 a month ($25 a week).

Our objective is to keep an individual as independent and living their own life for as long as is safely and humanly possible. We have many clients in their 90's who have been with us for years, living medication free, in their own homes enjoying absolute independence and automony.

But we know the life cycle will always come to an end. To ensure someone in their last stages of life who finially loses the ability to live independently, but continues to live with dignity, love and quality support - consider MULTI-GENERATIONAL LIVING (MG LIVING)

"My parents completed the LW3 programme three years ago with immediate benefits to their health. It was almost as though they magically went back in time. We then introduced Halcyon health with the month by month support and it's been just wonderful for us all. Just recently we put the MG Living plan together if it's ever needed. This scheme doesn't just provide confidence and piece-of -mind for mum and dad it does the same for my husband and I. Everything is done online but the Halcyon 3 people are just wonderful and very skilled at what they do. For us this is a far more personal approach to caring for our parents than just tucking them away in a village somewhere" Katie & Mark Huntington, Takapuna, NZ


Multi-generational living is a plan we help you put a plan in place for when (or if) a parent comes to live with you in the final stages of their life. Sometimes a family member may live with a parent in the family house, but the principles are the same.

We show you how to set up your house, how to retain your independence and routines with someone else living with you, how to protect the health and wellbeing of the house owner, the role of grandchildren and pets, how to access the local health support entitlements for your parents, how to pay for any specialist care a parent might need, how to protect your parents assets, how to keep other members of the family in the loop and happy throughout the process and much, much more.

At the end of the day it's all about respecting the wishes and dignity of your parents. The vast majority want to be immersed within family, so we help you put a plan in place with the resources you have available. But leading up to this time the Halcyon 3 team helps retain a seniors health, wellbeing and independence.

"When it finally became time for dad to move in we were really prepared. It's just been the greatest thing and so successful we can't really believe it. We have someone home all day, meals often prepared, cleaning occasionally done, child care and the pleasure of living with one of the nicest and smartest person on earth. Our children just adore the new relationship with their granddad and most important of all - my dad is just so, so happy. He is even cooking us some of his healthy flash meals he learnt from the Living well 3 programme. Love it!" Rhonda and Karl Sebastian: Napier, NZ

: We cannot help a family introduce MG LIVING unless they have been through the Halcyon Living Well 3 (15 week progromme) or running the HALCYON HEALTH MONTH /MONTH SCHEME.

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