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Q: Who can I discuss my family situation with without feeling obliged to commit.

A: Either; email halcyon@thecoachsmith and put Living Well 3 in the subject box. You will receive a reply within 48 hours. Or you can call (NZ) on 0800 248 626 or for overseas enquiries: +64 21 248 6206

Q: My parents are in their early 70's and already experiencing some pretty serious health issues. We really fear a long and drawn out convalescent period that will be very expensive. Will this programme be able to help them?

A: It's best to first have a (confidential / no obligation) conversation with one of our LW3 coaches. They will run through some questions that will help determine if we can provide your parents with results and which programme support if best. Remember - it's your parents that will be running the programme so they need to be as motivated just as you are. Contact us on the number listed above.

Q: Our friend’s parents went through your Living Well 3 programme and are now on the monthly support and they have had amazing results. Can you guarantee the same outcomes for others?

A: Everyone responds slightly differently to the programme because each of our make-up is unique, but we 100% guarantee the system we introduce - or you get your money back. The success rate is over 98% and although we can never promise 100% success every time, the strike rate is pretty high. The beauty of the personal coaching is we can customise and tweak a programme to cater for the uniqueness of every individual.

Q: If two people are living in the one household, can they do the same Living Well 3 programme.

A: This one requires a conversation with a coach. If one of the couple is on medication for high blood pressure (for example) we customise their programme to naturally lower BP and reduce or remove medication. If the other person has moderate or low blood pressure the programme would not be suitable. It's the same principles with medication use. Particular medications are impacted upon by certain foods so we need to know what people are using. If someone is piggy backing another person’s programme we have no knowledge about the medication in use and health consequences may result. So the short answer is 'sometimes' but we first need to have a conversation about existing health conditions and medication use.

Q If two people in the same home have separate programmes do they have to prepare their meals differently?

A NO. We just show each person how to tweak their weekly structure and food to address a particular issue but generally two people in the same home on separate programme can cook the one meal for both.

Q: If we introduce Halcyon Health (the month by month support) and we have two people senior people living under the same roof do we both pay $100 a month?

A: NO it's $100 a month for up to two people living under the one roof. So that may include a husband and wife, two friends or brother & sister etc. However- both people must first have completed a Halcyon Living Well 3 programme.

Q Do you provide specific physical exercises for clients as my dad has arthritis and movement is becoming restricted.

A: Yes we do. We have a consulting physio our medical team and he will put a programme together specifically for an individual. It’s all part of the programme and in addition our lead LW3 coach is a specialist in this area.

Q My mum is in her mid-eighties and is living independently at the moment but we are starting to notice some changes. Is there an age limit for starting the programme?

A generally we don’t bring people on past their mid-eighties. We prefer to have them complete a programme well before hand so the right habits and routines are in place before changes start taking place. That said if someone has looked after themselves really well, is on low or no medication and is keen to start in their late 80’s we would require a quick conversation before bringing them on board. Recently we started an 87 year old for this very reason.

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