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There are three different support options for Halcyon Living Well 3

1. The Halcyon Living Well 3 (HLW3) programme.

This is a 15 week, personally coached, confidential health and wellbeing programme, delivered by a specialist LW3 coach, guaranteed to measurably improve ll aspects of your health & wellbeing, as well as reducing or removing the need for medication use.

How do we do this.

The programmes is specifically designed by a specialist medical and nutritional team for people over the age of 65. We simply use the principles of functioal nutrition and science to help you improve your general wellbeing. The system simply cannot fail, which is thr reason we offer a 100% money back guarantee you will achieve (realistic) health, wellbeing and weight management goals. We can't take you back 40 years, but we can take you back 10 to 20 years to those halcyon days of feeling alive, vibrant and free from sickness and disease.

"It was only 2 years ago that Robin died and as you know my world, my health and wellbeing fell apart, into a big dark hole. LW3 is the most amazing process. It honestly should be mandatory for everyone over 60. The help and new life you have helped me create has just been fantastic. This photo speaks a thousand words. I'm healthy, happy and enjoying everything about my life. I feel like I'm back in my 50's"

Anne Davidson 77, Rangiora NZ

The programme is in 4 stages

1. Understanding how to structure your day and where food and activity fit into the mix. This stage takes around 4-5 weeks for the habits and routines to form and for your metabolism to adjust.

2. In this stage we help you remove pathogens (negative bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites and moulds) from your system. It's truly a remarkable process that takes a week to run, but once done, you simply cannot get sick and you will feel the best you have felt for years.

3. In stage 3 we show you how to repopulate your gut flora. Gut bacteria forms the basis is every part of your physical and mental health. Unfortunately every day habits destroy the balance between good and bad bugs in our system, so stage 3 allows you to modify the imbalance and immediately experience the health and wellbeing benefits.

4. Stage 4 shows you how keto eating can help maintain this new health and vitality you are now experiencing, how to eat seasonally for the rest of your life. In this stage we also place an emphasis on SLEEP HEALTH and for those that need it HORMONAL BALANCE.

The cost of receiving personal coaching support to complete a halcyon Living well 3 programme is either

NZ$274 - for a moderte levels of support or

NZ$574 - for comprehensive, daily support

Click on "Who It's For" to decide which option is best for you.

The second type of support option available through halcyon Living Well 3


Not only do we put you through a 15 week programme - we provide you with health & wellbeing living support every month or week of your life.

The initiative is call HALCYON HEALTH.

This is the future of aging.

Once you have completed the halcyon living well 3 programme we can provde you access to a health & wellbeing coach for life. You can contact your coach at any time and the goal is to keep you INDEPENDENT, HEALTHY, ACTIVE AND SAFE right through into your very later years so you can live well in your OWN HOME.

With HALCYON HEALTH - you won't need a retirement village or care facility. With the help of your coach and the benefits of understanding how to LIVE WELL, you can remain independent deep into your senior years. For many people, they see out their years in their own home - this is our primary support goal.

However for some, care may be required.

Mult-generational Living (MG LIVING)

(Click on 'MG LIVING' for more details)

Multi-generational and integrated living: With the prohibitive cost of aged care, increasingly many seniors are seeing out their final days integrated back into their family, living with their children. For a one off fee of NZ$500, we assist the family integrate a parent back into the home by lining up all the support services available in your region and guiding the family members on how to still live their life while caring for a parent in their final days or years..

"I’m feeling really great about life.

I can remain totally independent with the support of Halcyon HEALTH and my coach, but I also have piece-of-mind that my kids are ready to take me into their home for the final part of my journey if need be. It's called MG living and it’s already set up so I just have get on with enjoying things.

This really is a great system. I don’t have to waste thousands of dollars paying for care because all the support mechanisms are already wrapped around my daughter’s home ready to go. And because I am looking after myself so well I'm confident I'm not going to be too much a burden."

Ted Williamson, 85, Cambridge, NZ

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