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NOTE: if you are signing up for AGING WELL for the first time, you need to start with the AGING WELL ONE programme.

This will cost you NZ$298 (Inc Gst)

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All AGING WELL clients start on the 6 week AGING WELL ONE programme. We suggest that's all you sign up for from the outset. After 6 weeks it will be very clear if you need to transition onto AGING WELL PLUS (if a long standing health or wellbeing issue(s) isn't fully resolved). Once you have completed AGING WELL ONE you may want to consider 23 and / or SUPPORT.

Go to Sign up now to start AGING WELL ONE

The cost of AGING WELL ONE is NZ$298 (Incl gst)

AGING WELL PLUS only starts after completing ONE and a discussion with your coach. If you have a long standing or serious health issue AGING WELL PLUS will most likely be required to attack and reverse the cause of that issue. If you have a history of long term medication use AGING WELL PLUS will allow you to reduce or remove that medication (in consultation with your GP).

AGING WELL PLUS is for people who have endured or struggled with a health or weight management issue for much of their life. We will help you resolve that issue. Over 80% of preventable disease can be addressed for people over 65 without medication using functional nutritional principles and personal coaching. .

Success rate for AGING WELL PLUS is 97.8% and we provide you with a money back guarantee you will achieve results.

We have never had anyone come back seeking a refund! Go to Sign up Now to start AGING WELL PLUS.

The cost of AGING WELL PLUS is NZ$298 (Inc Gst)

If you want to ensure all of your good work doesn't come undone, 23 is the solution. This is a year long seasonal eating plan that integrates the habits, skills and knowledge you have developed from AGING WELL ONE and AGING WELL PLUS (plus a few additional tricks of the trade.) .This is a great system to lock in a life time of optimum wellbeing and health. Go to Sign up now to start 23-3.

The cost of 23-3 is NZ$98 (Incl Gst)

SUPPORT is a wonderful tool for AGING WELL clients. For just $2.75 a week (not a misprint) you receive:

- 7 day a week unlimited access to your coach for any consultation support.

- Access to the latest research, science and development in over 65 year old wellbeing and health.

- Unlimited access to your coach for family health consultations.

- Someone on the end of the phone if you just want to chat.

The cost of SUPPORT is: NZ$2.75 a week (Incl Gst) Billed monthly.

"I thought I'd give you a quick update. Since being cleared to travel I've visited family in three different countries. It was so lovely seeing my new grandchildren for the first time. I can't tell you how grateful I am at having my health restored by your system. The thought of being stuck at home without seeing my family would have done me in. But I got the big tick from my GP, I'm feeling terrific and you won't hold me back."

Eleanor Hill, 78, Wellington NZ

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