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Halcyon Living Well 3 Programme:

A 15 week customised and personally coached health & wellbeing programme what will specifically address any health issues you are experiencing, protect you from future illness, sickness or disease and ensure you retain your independence deep into your senior years.

The Cost of Halcyon Living Well 3:

NZ$274 (Inc Gst) - Full programme support to resolve table 1 type health issues or to protect you from sickness, illness and disease. This service provides weekly access from your coach.

Table 1 Health Issues

NZ$574 (Incl gst) - Full programme support for people with more serious health & wellbeing issues. Table 2 health issues. This service provides daily access to your coach.

Table 2 Health Issues.

Halcyon Health

For just NZ$100 a month you receive life long health and wellbeing support after the completion of the Halcyon Living Well 3 15 week programme. This support will maintain your independence, keep you away from the doctor and hospitals and improve all aspects of your life and wellbeing.

PLEASE NOTE: the cost Halcyon Health applies to two adults living in the one household.

It could include: A husband and wife, two sisters or brothers or two widows living together for economy and companionship. Both individuals must be living in the same household.


Cost per month: $100 (+Gst)

· An introductory 15 week fully coached personalised living well programme. This programme will permanently change your life and establish habits and routines though to the day you die.

· All ingredients and resources for the programme provided.

· 7 day a week (unlimited access) to a personal wellness coach. A personal coach for life.

· A weekly call from a personal (life-long wellness coach)

· Online access to the latest research on health and wellbeing through over 500 knowledge clips / seminars on all health and wellbeing themes.

· A seasonal living plan that will maintain your optimum health and wellbeing all year around.

· Online cooking tutorials

· A monthly e-coms newsletter with the latest developments in senior health & wellbeing

· Online access to menu planners and recipes.

· Automatic -Multi-generational living support for the family: No additional cost for MG LIVING

Please note: minimum service time is 3 months. After this time a client has the flexibility to end the subscription


MG Living is support to adapt a home to cater for multi-generational living. In most instances - a grandparent, parents and children.

The cost of the MG LIVING set up for your family is NZ$500 (+Gst)

NOTE: to be eligible for MG LIVING support you need to have completed a Halcyon Living Well 3 programme (and / or) run Halcyon Health support for a minimum of 3 months.

See 'MG LIVING' for more information.

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