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"My advice to everyone is - get your parents on this initiative as soon as you possibly can. My Dad’s health was poor before he started and although he’s improved significantly, it could have been better with an earler intervention. Mum on the other hand is aging down. At 83 she is skipping about the place like a 70 year old. Amazing programme and truly the furture of aging support."

Suzie Watkins (Auckland, NZ)

"Thank you to everyone who has given me my life back over the last few years. The support and guidance has been just wonderful. I truly believe 10 years has been added to my life and I just seem to be feeling better every single day."

Hillary-Ann Thomas (81) Wellington NZ

"I thought I'd give you a quick update. Since being cleared to travel I've visited family in three different countries. It was so lovely seeing my new grandchildren for the first time. I can't tell you how grateful I am at having my health restored by your system. The thought of being stuck at home without seeing my family would have done me in. But I got the big tick from my GP, I'm feeling terrific and you won't hold me back."

Eleanor Hill, 78, Wellington NZ

"... I just feel so fortunate my grandson put me onto you people at Lw3. I feel a million dollars, still enjoy the wind in my face when Dan takes me for my weekly spin and have to say the romantic side of life isn't looking too bad either. Please pass on my thanks and regards to all Pete"

Molly Burke, 83, Hastings, NZ

"It was only 2 years ago that Robin died and as you know my world fell apart, into a big dark hole. The help and new life you have helped me create has just been fantastic. This photo speaks a thousand words. I'm healthy, happy and enjoying everything about my life."

Anne Davidson 77, Rangiora NZ

"Ticking along really well thanks. No health issues now, medication is down to just two, so I'm very happy with life. I still have to learn to slow down some days, but when I feel so good and the fish are running, it's not easy"

Ralph Gibbons, 88, Taupo, NZ

"Hello Pete. A quick note to say number 85 is done and dusted and to thank you all for the superb job you are doing keeping an old bugger enjoying life. My Doc has taken my meds right back. I've lost about 12kg which has helped and with the less weight the RH in the knee is a lot better. Talk soon"

Ted Williamson 85, Cambridge, NZ

"The big 90th birthday and god willing, there will be plenty more. By God I mostly mean the LW3 team who are just wonderful at keeping me healthy, mobile and happy."

Hillary Thomas, 90, Oamaru, NZ

"Life is just so wonderful thanks you lovely people at living well 3. My biggest fear is loneliness but when I've got my health I'm out and about every day.

Thank you everyone at TCS who keep me going. Love you all."

Rita Hawkins (86: Auckland NZ)

"Here you go. One summer to the next. I always thought myself in reasonable shape in the 'before' photo, but you were 100% correct when you said, weight loss starts with good health. I'm 63 and in the best shape and health I've been in for 30 years. So, 'yes', you've taken me back to my halcyon days and I couldn't be happier"

Tom Moreland 63 (Wanaka, NZ)

“After years of grinding away in senior executive jobs the body (and mind) decided enough was enough. The body went on strike and I could see no way forward. Thank god for Living Well 3. I’ve been coached online by Pete for just over 12 months and no-one can believe the transformation. Cholesterol down, blood pressure down, weight down, stress levels down. Everything is down except me. I’m on a high”

Keith Ashby 69 (Auckland, NZ)

"It just goes to show, even an old bird like me can still turn my health issues around, get trim and add so much happiness to daily life. You people are absolute gods and I cannot thank you enough. I wish I'd learnt this stuff 30 years ago."

Mary Dwyer 74 (Blenheim, NZ)

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