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Over 85% of all preventable diseases can be REVERSED or TREATED by focusing on a combination of the 8 co-factors of optimum health & wellbeing.

Living well 3 is specificall designed to benefit people over the age of 60 and under the age of 85.

(People under the age of 60 have the Halcyon Living Well Programme at their disposal)

Once people get over the age of 85 without having previously spent time focusing on their wellbeing and health through life style habits and routines, the ship is harder to turn around. While we would look at each individual on a case by case basis, we find if people haven't been motivated to look after themselves before this age, they are unlikely to be beyond it. But we have been proved wrong on the odd occasion.

If you really want to improve your quality of life, if you really want to remain independent deep into your senior years, if you really don't want to be a long term burden on family and friends then we can help you.

The sooner you start the quicker the results and the easier the sustainability. The later you leave this process to start the more realistic you need to be. Remember - there is no magic here - just science. Sometimes with very late starters the best we can do it help you treat your symptoms rather reverse the cause.

Click on the list of health conditions below to see what we can assist you with.

Most people in their third trimester of life are regular users of medication - we can help you reduce your intake of medication and in many situations, help you removed it completely.

List of Health Conditions

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