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Contact cost in credits

  • Text message (SMS): 2 credits
  • Email: 3 credits
  • 30 minute phone call: 7 credits
  • 30 minute Skype call: 8 credits

Credit top up costs

  • 6 credits: $45
  • 12 credits: $60
  • 24 credits: $90

Coach Chat is a function we provide for two types of clients in order to COMMUNICATE with their coach.

1. Clients that decide to sign on to the LIVING WELL system using the $78 payment option

2. Clients that decide to take out a COACHSMITH 12 month membership..

When signing on with the $78 payment option (apart for the initial complimentary credits) you will be required to purchase COACH CHAT CREDITS in order to communicate with your coach.

COACH CHAT CREDITS are used for PREPAID modes of communication with your coach either through: email, text, phone and skype.

COACH CHAT CREDITS are purchased in bundles of credits.

> 6 credits @ $45

> 12 credits @ $60

> 24 credits @ $90

Each time you communicate with your coach, credits will be debited from your CREDIT ACCOUNT.

> ONE communication using a TEXT will cost you 2 CREDITS

> ONE communication using an EMAIL will cost you 3 CREDITS

> ONE PHONE communication (max 30 minutes) will cost you 7 CREDITS

> ONE SKYPE communication (max 30 minutes) will cost you 8 CREDITS

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