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How does the sign-up process work?

Go to 'Programmes' . Select 'Halcyon Living Well'. . Select the programme you want (ZAP, ZAP PLUS, SWITCH)

Select the payment option. Complete the pre-programme information form and hit send.

You will immediately receive an email acknowledging your payment and sign on. Within 24 hours you will receive your first week’s content. Content will come to you every week.

If you are doing ZAP PLUS - a customised programme will come to you after a conversation with your coach.

Can I suspend my weekly content if something pops up that prevents me from doing the programme?

Absolutely. We undertand life sometimes get in the way! Just contact your coach to explain what you want to do.

Are there any additional costs for the programme?

We introduce a process in the first block of the programme called ‘humdinger' This protocol will remove all pathogens (negative bacteria, viruses, fungi and parasites) from your system, forming the basis of optimum health. To run the process there are some supplements and food ingredients you will need before starting that will cost approximately NZ$ 35 to NZD$50.There are no other costs.

I’ve always considered ‘healthy food’ to be tasteless and boring. Will this be what we eat because I don’t really want to change too much?

You will be staggered at the amount and type of foods available to eat. In fact there is nothing you can’t eat and drink. We just show you the system of how and when to do it for optimum health. However – having said this – if you are starting this hoping not to make any real changes to your life style, we suggest you don’t waste your time and money signing on. The old saying applies: “If you continue to do what you have always done, you will continue to get what you have always got”

I’m a really fussy eater. What happens if you recommend foods I don’t like?

Food has two purposes: To provide energy and to provide nutrients. There are lots of variations of foods that provide both. If there is a particular type of food you don’t like a number of alternatives are available – you just choose an alternative that provides the same nutrients.

I suffer from a number of food intolerance so can’t consume different food groups. How will this work?

Food intolerance is bread and butter work for us, but consider this. The food you are eating that causes discomfort is not the problem, it’s what your digestive system does with the food that’s the problem. In other words – your digestive system requires attention. If the food was the issue no one at all would be able to eat it. The system we introduce focuses on restoring your digestive system.

Does the LIVING WELL system cater for vegetarians and vegans?

Vegetarians yes, vegans No. We respect every ones moral right to select what foods to eat or not eat- for whatever reason. But – our business is health & wellbeing. People on a vegan diet (in our professional opinion) do not have enough natural nutrients available to them to achieve optimum health. We were not designed to exist on supplements.

Vegetarians – all aspects of the programme provide a vegetarian option.

I’m on a lot of medication. How will the programme impact on this?

We will need to know the medication you are using and collect this information during the sign up process. Food impacts on the absorption and effectiveness of medication. We know for a fact people (and doctors) have little knowledge of how basic foods impacts on medication. We show you how to customize your food around your meds and food alternatives to some medications that have no side effects as part of your programme.

I spend a lot of time at the doctors. Will he be happy with me doing this programme?

Anything that improves your health and wellbeing should make your GP / specialist happy – right? We never instruct you to reduce or remove your medication without consultation with your GP. We occasionally work in conjunction with a client’s (enlightened) doctor as part of their care plan. For example if you are on blood pressure meds, we show you how to naturally lower your BP. As your BP starts to drop and stay down you can have the conversation with your Doctor about reducing the medication. As your health improves the conversations continue until hopefully the meds are eliminated. It’s fair to say, 90% of Doctors have little idea of the power of food. They are not trained in this area for a start. But increasingly we are coming across doctors who really are interested in improving the health of their patients, rather than just treating them, and look to incorporate many of our principles into the care plan.

I’ve got some complicated health issues, how specialized are the coaches.

Within the LW team we have 3 master coaches and the backing of a complete medical team. Our coaches are highly experienced and to be honest, there isn’t too much that they haven’t already dealt with. Many people start by thinking they must be the unhealthiest client we have, but you just have no idea what some people are dealing with. We would be very surprised if a condition popped up that we haven’t dealt with before. These big issues will most likely require the ZAP PLUS programme support.

Will I need internet access to do this programme?

Yes. You just need an email account and a way to access your email once a week. It’s incredibly easy to set up if you don’t have an address already and public libraries or local schools have free internet access if you don’t have your own device.

How do I actually receive my LW programme.

Every Sunday or Monday you receive an email with the material for that week. It’s very easy to read and understand. You just follow the focus area for the week and do the reading. If you would like a utube clip providing an over-view of the system for that week, contact your coach.

What do I receive every Sunday or Monday?

Each week you receive an email that outlines your focus for the week with attachments to read or watch that will build your knowledge and understanding. Also attached is a list of additional reading if you feel you need more information

What if I need a lot of support?

This is the role of your coach. You can contact him / her every day if required. We are here to help you achieve your goals doing what-ever is required. We know some people may fund parts of the programme harder to do than others. Just talk to your coach. They are highly experienced and 100% there for you.

Is there someone I can talk to about my circumstances before signing up?

Absolutely. Simply email . Pete is our lead master coach with the LW programme. He will arrange a time to get back in touch with you for a no obligation, private & confidential, chat.

How do I contact my coach?

Your coach is available via phone (an 0800 number) email, mobile phone, text or skype. In some instances they are available face to face. All of that informtion is made available to you in week one.

If both my partner and I do a programme, will we need to be doing different things like cooking different food?

No. When a couple start a programme your coach will customize the programme so that it’s 80-90% generic. This means you are doing the same things on the same days, eating the same types of foods etc. There may be some slight tweaking to suit a medical need but these are easy to do.

If two people from the same household decide to do a programme is there a discount?

Unfortunately No. We have pulled our programme costs right down to rock bottom so we have no margin for a discount I’m sorry. The cost of ZAP is less than a good night out with drinks and food for most people. You just need to decide if your wellbeing or health issue is a priority at the moment.

CAUTION: it's really important that someone deosn't start ZAP without the support of a qualified coach. We get people comming to us who are not registered seeking urgent help because their health has declined, they are ill or hospitalised in the odd instance. There is a genuine risk of a serious health issue if someone is not correctly managed through the ZAP process.

We charge these people NZ$500 (+Gst) for advice or support.

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