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How it Works

There are 4 simple steps to optimal health and living and an illness free life.

· Complete the symptom picture analysis. YOU RECEIVE A SYMPTOM PICTURE PROFILE from this information

· Compete LIVING WELL ONE - Transition to 23 and / or SUPPORT

· Complete LIVING WELL PLUS (if you have big health issues or medication dependency)

· Transition into 23

· Transition into SUPPORT

· An individual completes a personal symptom picture analysis (SPA)

· A personalized health PROFILE is produced, with focus areas identified

A customized programme (LIVING WELL ONE) is constructed for the individual based on the SPA feedback.

What does LIVING WELL ONE do?

We are all made up of hundreds of genes that interact. Many of these genes can deteriorate into a polymorphism (a potential chronic health threat) and yet never cause us any health harm at all. The fact that the polymorphism is present is inconsequential if the gene has not been turned on. So autoimmunity genes, histamine, allergy, cancer genes, heart disease, respiratory, skin disease genes may be all loaded and ready to fire in our system. The science of epigenetics is the science of what pulls the trigger and causes the gene to be expressed.

Gene polymorphisms (mutation of genes) account for less than 10% of illness and disease in the body. Epigenetics (how a gene is expressed and if it’s switched on or not) accounts for over 90% of all illness and disease.

We know that if your health foundation is good, despite having a body full of loaded guns (gene polymorphisms) there is every chance not a single trigger is pulled.

This is what LW ONE does.

We help you establish the optimum health foundation where the gene risk may exist, but the factors that cause the gene to express are not present. These foundation skills, habits, knowledge and routines are doing everything that is required to prevent any gene expression that will cause chronic illness and disease. Understanding how to structure your week / day, how to eat, how to exercise, how to ensure the body’s detoxification and cell methylation processes are effective, your sleep health and your gut microbiome is in good shape and how to minimize environmental toxins it the key to the LIVING WELL FOUNDATION. We also guide you through a process that removes pathogens (negative bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites and moulds) from your system. Once these two systems are in place - you will not become ill and any existing health conditions will start to reverse.

All LIVING illness free clients start with a customized 6 week block where 6 systems are introduced into their life style.

1. Structuring the week. Food and Exercise

2. Balancing the detox system

3. Microbiome health

4. Immune health balancing / Sleep

5. Humdinger: where pathogens (negative bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, moulds) are removed from your system. From this point on, you cannot become sick.

6. Mind health.

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· A seasonal way of living that changes every three months and integrates all the new habits, knowledge, routines and systems introduced through LW ONE and / or LIVING WELL PLUS

· If a client still has unresolved health after LIVING WELL ONE they transition to LIVING WELL PLUS.

· NOTE: A client must have first completed ONE before starting PLUS

· This is a very specific customized process to address a major (often long standing) wellbeing and health issue(s).

· A client is personally coached through the process of reversing the cause of their condition(s)

· Every 4 weeks a client remains on PLUS they complete the SPA

· The objective is to achieve optimum mental and physical wellbeing and health for their stage in life, and then to maintain that status using 23 & SUPPORT

· LIVING WELL ONE and LIVING WELL PLUS can deal with over 95% of preventable sickness and disease.

SUPPORT is a lifelong support service for you and your family once you have completed ONE or PLUS.

You receive unrestrictive contact with a family personal wellbeing coach and weekly E-COM newsletters (‘WHO KNEW’) on the latest science, research, developments in health& wellbeing.

What Health Issues can LIVING WELL ONE and LIVING WELL PLUS Address?

See the list below


COST: NZ$920 (Inc Gst) per client. This is a one-off cost for life. The only cost from this point on is the cost of 'SUPPORT'

SUPPORT: NZ$2.75 (Incl Gst) per week for as long as support is required.

Elite Care is available for clients who want a coach and support available 7 days a week, 12 hours a day - indefinitely.

Customised programme preparation time is between 24 and 48 hours.

Response time - as soon as the coach is available - within 24 hours.

Elite care is used for clients experiencing:

Cancer, Cardiovascular disease, Respiratory disease, Dementia / Parkinson's / Alzheimer's disease, Kidney / Lung / Liver disease, or any other major illness a client would like specialist support for.

- Preparing for surgery / treatment. (Eg: Chemotherapy / Radiotherapy). Establishing Household routines and systems with food and nutrients to mimimize side effects and enhance recovery.

- Personalised reatment support (long term treatments)

- Personalised post treatment nutritional / nutrient support

- Life style adaptions to ensure long term remission and quality of life

- Personalised health and wellbeing support for the main care provider of the client. We understand the importance of maintaining or establishing good health for those providing our client with support, so we look after the immediate care provider's health (for no cost).

To discuss the suitability of ELITE CARE for you or someone you know, contact Pete for a private, confidential, no-obligation chat.

Pete: +64 21 248 6206

[email protected]


NZ$1000 (Incl Gst)

- Standard day / event rate - + any reasonable travel / accommodation expenses.

At 64 I'm in the best health and probably the best shape, I've been in for 30 years. Prior to starting Living Well I was a health mess with my Doc upping my meds and adding new drugs every 6 months. I'm currently 100% medication free, in great mental health, doing things I'd never thought possible at this stage in life. Without hesitation, every bloke that cares about his family and his health should run this system. It's impossible to explain how easy, yet effective it is. I've discovered that being healthy and well is a hell of a lot easier (and enjoyable) than being ill all the time. The Elite Care programme was absolutely outstanding. " Tom Moreland, 63, Central Otago, NZ

"Perhaps for the first time in many years I actually enjoy having my photo taken. Be that as it may, the biggest change has occurred internally with my wellbeing. I don't mind saying I had a lot of health issues prior to Living Well, but as promised, every single one has gone - completely gone. I now enter my 40's with a confidence and sense of happiness I never thought possible."

Catherine Atkinson: 39, Auckland, NZ

"I had it all. PCOS, thyroid issues, histamine intolerance, liver issues, hormonal imbalance and stubborn weight - to name just a few. In the first two weeks of Living Well I learned more about my body & health than I had in 10 years. The second pic is 14 weeks after starting. I worked my butt off with my amazing coach, and pleased to report - all health issues gone or totally in control. I really don't know why I put up with so much sh-t for so long"
Cathy Loach (Townsville, Aust)

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