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How it Works

LIVING WELL is a new generation, personally coached health and wellbeing system that guides and supports you through the ‘HOW’ of looking good and feeling great by measurably improving all of your health biomarkers.

All LIVING WELL clients start on the 5 week ZAP programme. We suggest that's all you sign up for from the outset. After 5-6 weeks it will be very clear if you need to transition onto ZAP PLUS (if a long standing health or wellbeing issues isn't fully resolved)

Once you have completed ZAP you may want to consider SWITCH.

ZAP integrates 5 systems into your life.

SYSTEM 1: How to structure your week, food to eat, where exercise fits in and preparing for system 5 called HUMDINGER.

SYSTEM 2: Brain and body detoxification. There is just so much mis-information about how the body detox systems works and what's required by you. We expalin the brain and body detox systems and what you need to do to convert and remove waste

SYSTEM 3: Biotics (Gut health) The science has advanced quickly around what is right and wrong to avoid gut microbiome dysbiosis (the imbalance of good and bad bacteria). Gut health is the centre of all mental and physical health. We show you why and what to do in system 3.

SYSTEM 4: Sleep, keto adaption and immune health. Over 50% of the population have either poor quality or quantity sleep. We fix this. Keto adaption is the body's ability to burn fat as fuel to provide energy and health benefits. We all know burning off fat isn't a simple process, so we explain how to transition to keto days. Our immune system protects us from viral, bacterial, parasitic and fungal invaders. Unfortunately our system can under perform or over perform, both of which result in serious wellbeing or health issues. We remove this risk.

SYSTEM 5: HUMDINGER: A one week amazing process that will remove all pathogens (negative bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites and moulds) from your system. From this point on - you will not become ill - we guarantee it.

(Unless you decide to eat a plate of raw chicken or something similar, but even them the sickness will be less and you will recover 75% quicker than someone who hasn't done ZAP)

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The cost of ZAP is NZ$198 (Incl gst)

At 63 I'm in the best health and probably the best shape, I've been in for 30 years. Prior to starting Living Well I was a health mess with my Doc upping my meds and adding new drugs every 6 months. I'm currently 100% medication free, in great mental health, doing things I'd never though possible at this stage in life. Without hesitation, every bloke that cares about his family and his health should run this system. It's impossible to explain how easy, yet effective it is. I've discovered that being healthy and well is a hell of a lot easier (and enjoyable) than being ill all the time." Tom Moreland, 63, Central Otago, NZ


ZAP PLUS only starts after completing ZAP and a discussion with your coach. If you have a long standing or serious health issue ZAP PLUS will most likely be required to attack and reverse the cause of that issue.

If you have a history of long term medication use ZAP PLUS will allow you to reduce or remove that medication (in consultation with your GP)

ZAP PLUS is for people who have endured or struggled with a health or weight management issue for much of their life. We will help you resolve that issue.

Over 90% of preventable disease can be addressed without medication using functional nutritional principles and personal coaching.

Your coach will customise a personal plan for you to follow.You provide bio-feedback to your coach every two weeks that directs programme or care plan adjustment.

The process continues indefinitely until the issue(s) is resolved.

Success rate for ZAP PLUS is 100% because we stay with you until the matter is resolved. (See below for a list of health issues we can help you with). We provide you with a money back gurantee you will achieve results. We have never had anyone come back seeking a refund!

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The cost of ZAP PLUS is NZ$248 (Inc Gst)

"Perhaps for the first time in many years I actually enjoy having my photo taken. Be that as it may, the biggest change has occured in the inside with my wellbeing. I don't mind saying I had a lot of health issues prior to Living Well, but as promsed, every single one has gone - completely gone. I now enter my 40's with a confidence and sense of happiness I never thought possible."

Catherine Atkinson: 39, Auckland, NZ


If you want to ensure all of your good work doen't come undone, SWITCH is the solution. This is a year long seasonal eating plan that integrates the habits, skills and knowledge you have developed from ZAP and ZAP PLUS (plus a few additional tricks of the trade)

You receive access to all the onsite resources and 12 months access to your coach from the date of signing up to help you through the set up process for each of the seasonal changes.

This is a great system to lock in for a life time of optimum wellbeing and health.

Go to Sign up now to start SWITCH

The cost of SWITCH is NZ$98 (Incl Gst)

"I had it all. PCOS, thyroid issues, histamine intolerance, liver issues, hormonal imbalance and stubborn weight - to name just a few. In the first two weeks of Living Well I learned more about my body & health than I had in 10 years. The second pic is 14 weeks after starting. I worked my butt off with my amazing coach, and pleased to report - all health issues gone or totally in control. I really don't know why I put up with so much sh-t for so long"
Cathy Loach (Townsville, Aust)

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