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The cost of a personally coached, 5 week ZAP to your wellbeing and health is

NZ$ 198 (Incl Gst)

We provide you with a 100%, money back guarantee you will be sickness free after completing ZAP

Unlimited access to online library resources and seminars.

Unlimited access to your coach.


The cost of a fully customised, personally coached programme to specifically any outstanding wellbeing or health issue is:

NZ$248 (Incl Gst)

The coaching and programme support is available 7 days a week. We provide you with bio feedback every two weeks throughout the duration of your programme support. (You complete a symptom picture analysis every two weeks) so your coach can determine progress and intervention success.

We continue the programme and coachng support until the issue(s) have been resolved.

Unlimited access to the site library and seminar resources.

See the list of wellbeing and health issues we can support you to cause reverse at the bottom of this page


If after completing ZAP or ZAP PLUS we offer you a way of seasonal living that you will apply for life. SWITCH integrates all of the knowledge , habits and skills you have developed in ZAP or ZAP plus along with a few new tricks to keep you healthy and well for life.

You receive a full 12 months access to your coach to cover off any questions you might have as you integrate the seasonal eating plan into your life style over a year.

The cost of SWITCH is:

NZ$98 (Incl Gst)

Health Conditions We Can Help You With Table 1 and 2

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