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We all live our lives using the Pierre Elger Health system

"Just a quick note of thanks for all the amazing work you do with our family. Both Mike and I continue to live busy lives without so much as a sniffle, but it's what you have done for our kids that has really blown us away. Everything from their study, to sport to music has just gone to another level as they each learn how to apply wellbeing to the lives. What you do is truly life changing and inspiring. Thank you from us all."

Christine, Mike and the Turner family. Palmerston North, NZ

"Well I can't say I found all of my little journey easy, but it was manageable and it was very, very effective. I was destined for a life in and out of a Doctors surgery and hospitals, so this was my motivation. As promised- I am now 100% illness free, at my ideal weight, but most importantly- extremely happy. My confidence and mojo are back so look out world.

Thank you doesn't describe the gratitude and joy I feel but I know you guys know just how appreciative I am of your expertise and ongoing support. Pierre Elger for life baby!”

Connor Hay, Blenheim, NZ

"Hi team. Well we are back from the big 10 week trip and can you believe it, despite all the food and drink, I've continued to lose weight. Living well has been a life changing journey for Rod and I as it's just so adaptable. Thank you for availing us of all your expertise and we now look forward to a life time of wellness support from the Pierre Elger Health team" Margaret Holden (Masterton: NZ)

"People are constantly asking me what my exercise plan, or my eating
/ diet plan was to lose the weight. I tell them I don't have a plan, I just run a system. I've learnt through Living well how my body works and what structures I need to apply most days of the week. I know you say its science, but to me it's been absolute magic. So grateful." Fiona Rogers (Sydney Aust)

"I would never in the past have made my photo available for a website endorsement - never. But I feel so strongly about the benefits of the Living Well system. This process eliminated all of my health issues, removed weight that I could never move and helped me regain my mojo. To anyone thinking about it - JUST DO IT." Mia Crampton (Bay of Plenty, NZ)

"My health and weight issues started as a teenager with some unhelpful advice from my Doctor. Absolutely nothing worked to fix the problems despite being medicated up to the gills.. In fact things just got worse. I watched a Pierre Elger Health podcast, contacted Pete and the rest is history. All issues fixed, no more medication, no more horrible weight and I just feel amazing. Olivia Barnett (Auckland, NZ)

"I spent close to 8 years in and out of bloody hospitals and doctor’s surgery’s, bumbling round with misdiagnoses costing me a fortune trying to fix health issues that all the time could be resolved in 15 weeks by someone who knew what they were doing. So angry! But also so happy that the Pierre Elger people could sort me out. I can't say enough about this programme. If you have health issues, get an accurate diagnosis from your GP then take it to PE Health. What they say, they do" Charlotte Graham (Taupo, NZ)

"I didn't feel too over weight, but constantly felt tired, grumpy and just stumbled from one day to another. My sleep was poor and I had terrible food intolerance issues. It honestly took just 9 weeks and I felt like I'd just landed in heaven. Twenty years has been added to my life! Claire Honey (Auckland, NZ)

"After my first stint of maternity leave, my body, health and confidence went all to hell. Living Well has given me my life back. Lov you people." Lisa Caldwell-Jones (Palmerston North, NZ)

"A few months ago I got a rev up from my GP. Shapeup or risk dropping dead. It was so hard trying to find the right support but through work I was introduced to the Living well system and bingo. This process was amazingly easy to do and I now have habits and routines for life. Brian Holland (Invercargill, NZ)

"At the age of 48 I thought my slim, healthy days were permanently over. I truly believe this system is the most effective on the planet because I'd damn near tried all the others with the same result - failure. I'm especially grateful for the hormonal balance work you did. Not only do I look great (or I think I do) but I feel absolutely fantastic. Woohoo - roll on life." Debbie Serfontein (Auckland, NZ)

"Everything about this course is the sick. You have helped me change my life bro so big ups. Churs. " Danny Skelton (Brisbane, Aust)

"Do you know the most stunning thing about this programme for me (apart from the incredible results) was the fact that all the way through I felt as though I was your only client, your only priority. You have looked after my sister and I beyond anything we could have imagined. Both of us are now confident to take things from here. Special thanks." Diane O'Connor (Tauranga, NZ)

“My specialist told me to lose 15kg before he would allow me to undergo elective surgery. The guys at the Pierre Elger Health were recommended to me and with the help of my coach he fast tracked me to that goal. The learning I’ve taken in the last 2 months has exceeded everything I’ve done in the last 10 years of trying to improve my health and lose weight. 37kg gone, 5 to go." Tony Carmichael (Te Puke, NZ)

“Third child, stuffed body, no energy, a busy life with all three kids under 5 and a husband flat-out with the new job. Along comes the Pierre Elger and my life has change for the better forever. Every new mum should have this programme subsidised” Coll Harrison (Ashburton, NZ)

“I didn’t get the results as quickly as I hoped I would but to be honest I probably wasn’t as conscientious as I could have been. At no point did my coach give up on me and once I got over the initial bumps it all started to happen. There is no way I could have made the changes without LIVING WELL PLUS and your support. Thank you so much” Amanda Johnston (Christchurch, NZ)

"I guess I’m the typical mid- forties example of poor eating, inactivity, working too long and often and starting to suffer the consequences. The Living Well programme has, without exaggeration, saved my life. Everything they said would happen; happened. Everything they said they would do; they did. Can’t fault anything” Ross Owens (Wellington, NZ)

"As a working mum it’s very difficult to find a way to keep my weight down and stay healthy and active. The Living well programme is simply perfect for me. It’s flexible, it’s effective and it’s something I can manage around my family for years to come. Thank you. I’m just so grateful you took me on. Despite a sometimes manic life I feel really good about myself.” Samantha Reddington (Christchurch, NZ)

“Yes for me it was hard and I took a while to get going and I was probably my coach’s biggest challenge each week, but after years of complete failure, I’ve now found something I can manage and a system that works really well for me. I honestly do feel in control of my body and life for the first time” Lisa Hunter (Hamilton, NZ)

“After years of grinding away in senior executive jobs the body (and mind) decided enough was enough. The body went on strike and I could see no way forward. Thank god for Living Well 3. I’ve been coached online by Pete for just over 10 months and no-one can believe the transformation. Cholesterol down, blood pressure down, weight down, stress levels down. Everything is down except me. I’m on a high” Keith Ashby (Auckland, NZ)

"Eighteen months of hard work but man am I happy with the results. When I look back there is no way I could have done this without your help. From the age of 13 I've had weight and health issues and it's caused me a lot of grief over the years, but my life has now changed"

Kei te nui o Thankyou Aroha Reedy (Gisborne, NZ)

"If there is one message that's come from this process for me it's - get the right advice and support before your waste a lot of time and effort.

I've always eaten well (or so I thought) been active and sporty all my life, but couldn't lose that fat around the gut. Everything I tried failed. I still remember the email (System 4) when the light went on for me. When you get the right information you get the key to a healthy life. Living Well gave me the key" Ben Foley (Queenstown, NZ)

"We started LIVING WELL after our son was born and the results in the photo tell the story. This is our way of life now. So blessed to have found you" Fetu Fa'aoso (Wellington NZ)

"My clever wife made me do it and I fought it all the way up to week 3 until I realised this thing actually works, it's easy, I was feeling a lot better and issues that had been there for twenty years were starting to go. And as a bonus ball - weight has gone too. Impressive. I'm a disciple for life. Russell Yolande (New Plymouth, NZ)

"What can we say other than 'thankyou'. What you have done for us over the last few months is mind blowing. Perhaps the greatest thing to come from this process (apart for the health and weight loss) is the new knowledge we have about how our own body. It's fair to say, we are fully committed to the Pierre Elger health philosophy. Marc & Traci McDonald (Auckland, NZ)

"Here you go. One summer to the next. I always thought myself in reasonable shape in the 'before' photo, but you were 100% correct when you said, weight loss starts with good health. I'm 63 and in the best shape and health I've been in for 30 years. I couldn't be happier" Tom Moreland (Wanaka, NZ)

"Throughout my entire life I've experienced disappointment when trying to improve my health. That is - until I did this system. In my humble view, every household should run this Living Well system. As a family, we have been illness free for over two years now which in itself is staggering given the issues we have had to deal with in the past. Your programme is truly remarkable." Sally Taylor (Napier, NZ)

"All I'll say is this. I'm pretty sure number two wouldn't have come long without your support and I'm 100% sure I wouldn't have been able to get my health and shape back so easily afterwards. Rob and I are forever in your debt. Our coaches were outstanding, very wise and very committed. THANK YOU ALL." Lisa & Rob Sharland (Cromwell, NZ)

"It just goes to show, even an old bird like me can still turn my health issues around, trim up and add so much happiness to daily life. You people are absolute gods and I cannot thank you enough. I wish I'd learnt this stuff 30 years ago." Mary Dwyer (Blenheim, NZ)

"OMG Pete I can't thank you enough for everything you have put up with by helping me. I'm sure I was your worst client ever, but you have just been soooo patient, professional and kind. After all this effort to get here, I never going back and I now know exactly what to do with "23." Abby Thomlinson (Dunedin, NZ)

"By the age of 40 I was just a fat bugger. Really impressed with how you coached me through this. I've changed for good this time, so thanks mate. I'd owe you a beer but I don't do that much now" Karl Singleton (Northland, NZ)

"My entire adult life I've dealt with chronic health issues and didn't think for one second there would be a way through it all. I'm just so grateful I found you people. Nine months after finishing Living Well I'm down to just a single med a day (previously 9) and determined to hit zero. Thank you for all your expertise." Rachel Begley (Wellington, NZ)

"I started Living Well and my husband tagged along. Four months later we are both in the best health, best weight of our lives and off all medication. For the first time in years, we don't mind having our photos taken. A truly amazing system that has completely changed our lives for the better." Suzie & Brent Gillespie (Auckland, NZ)

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