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Whether you are looking for a life style change that commits you more to good health practices or have an ongoing health concern, we can most likely assist you.

Our client base is made up of everyday people from all walks of life, both genders, all ages, from all over the world.

They have experienced either a life time of poor health, weight management issues, a new out of the blue illness, reocurring debilitating disease or illness, long term medication dependency, constant frustration and confusion from too much inaccurate information or they are just wanting knowledge or insurance against illness as they age.

Despite the motive for starting LIVING WELL, they have all come to the same realization:

'You can’t pour from an empty cup – The greatest barrier to a happy, fulfilling,productive and successful life is poor health'.


'If you choose not to focus on wellbeing now, you will most certainly need to focus on illness later"


Halcyon Living Well (or any of our other systems) is not specifically a weight loss programme. We make no apology for the fact we are 100% health & wellbeing focused. However, the reason 'weight' loss is not one of the 8 co-factors of optimum health is because it's a SYMPTOM OF POOR HEALTH. Most people incorrectly believe they need to lose weight to be healthy. The exact opposite is true. 'They first need to be healthy to lose weight'. So "yes" we can get weight off you and keep it off , but it's always a consequence of improved health and the balancing of the 8 co-factors of optimum wellbeing. Conversely - we can help you improve your health while you still retain your current weight, or if need be, we can help you put quality weight on. You just need to make it clear what your weight management goal is at the start of your programme. But if you are looking to lose weight without first addressing your health - you have come to the wrong place.

Living well uses the ZAP, ZAP PLUS and SWITCH systems which are effective for any male or female between the ages of 16 and 65.

If you are over 65 you may wish to consider the Living Well 3 programme specifically designed for people in the THIRD TRIMESTER OF THEIR LIFE.

Use use non-pharma systems to address, reverse and prevent against wellbeing, health or weight mangement issues.

"As a family we just love the choice this protocol provides and we love the fact they have specialist coaches for children. A medication free life style is our goal so accumulating the best knoweldge and expertise is really important to us. Mission accomplished so far for us all. Thank you for your ongoing support"
Felicity Bowden-Brown, Wellington, NZ


This is the CHOICE we now provide.

Instead of a trip to the chemist after a diagnosis from your Doctor you now have an option of talking to a professional wellness coach to discuss a strategy to reverse the cause of your health issue rather than just treating symptoms using medication.

Outlined below are the health issues we can help you with. We provide the knowledge, understanding, system and personalised coaching support to integrate LIVING WELL into your current life style.

This is the future of health care.

List of Health Conditions

"I didn't honestly believe I'd feel the way I do now. I have struggled with gut and hormonal imbalance issues for years and nothing seemed to work. I felt drugged to the eye-balls on medication and none of it was helping. There were a couple of tough parts during the Living well process (humdinger was indeed for me) but over-all it was remarkably logical and easy to apply. I have learnt so much and the switch plan we got at the end is just genius. If you are hesitating about making change in your life - don't. Just go for this. It's professionally delivered and very easy to understand and apply. The coaching support is excellent" Diane O'Connor, 52, (Tauranga, NZ)

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