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LIVING WELL is suitable for any male or female between the ages of 16 and 60 and we cater for all ethnicities. The system is easily adaptable for people living a vegetarian life style,however, it won't fit the lifestyle of a vegan.

The LIVING WELL programme is not suitable for pregnant or feeding mothers. (See Parenting Well)

People with a history of eating disorders will only be accepted on a case by case basis and would require the cost of a personal coach if approved. (The $274 programme cost)

Under 16 year olds will only be accepted on a case by case basis and may require the cost of a personal coach if approved.

Living Well attracts 3 types of people.

1. Those looking to feel great, look healthy, energized , happy and perform well by following the LIVING WELL system

2. Those who want to prevent the risk of illness or disease for themselves and their family by following the LIVING WELL system

3. Those that wish to cure existing sickness, illness and disease without the intervention of medication by customizing the LIVING WELL system.

"Throughout my entire life I've experienced disappointment when trying to improve my health and manage weight. There is just so much mis-information out there it's almost as if deliberate 'confusion' is a strategy of organisations that benefit from me being ill or over weight. As a family we have been illness free for over two years now which is staggering given the issues we had to deal with before starting Living Well. As a working mother I have never felt (or looked) better. Your programme and support is truly remarkable." Sally Taylor (Napier, NZ)

Our staff live and work in the world of our clients. We don’t operate from a little farm growing herbs and vegetables, detached from the every day realities of our clients.

We understand the daily challenges of establishing and maintaining wellbeing and more importantly – how to resolve these challenges.

We understand that good health is NOT uni-dimensional. It’s not just about nutrients, hormones, gut health, exercise or pH as stand alone issues. Optimum health and wellbeing is milti- dimensional and we are the ONLY providers in the world that integrate all 8 co-factors.

"I just thought I'd send you through this latest pic. as evidence of the transformation I've been through. While losing the 15kg has been great thats not the win here. I have never felt so healthy. Every single one of my health issues has gone and I'm now religiously living the Halcyon Seasons plan and just love it. You guys are just so amazing. Forever and ever in your debt for helping me acheive something I never throught possible."

April Kennedy, New Plymouth, NZ

You may also note – we are the only provider that guarantees results - and we can do that for one very simple reason.


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