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JUL 18, 2019

Breakfast is Not the Most Important Meal

One of the world's greatest myths was constructed back in the 1940's by a cereal company as a marketing slogan to sell more product.

The line; "breakfast is the most important meal of the day" has stuck to this day, despite not one shred of scientific evidence to support the notion. In fact, if you traced the origin of this phrase back to the company who propagated it, the truth is, breakfast was a conduit for poor health due to the type of product they were selling (cereals)

There are a num...

JUN 3, 2019

How to Assess Your Fibre Levels

I know this may be a bit of tongue in cheek but there is a sure fired way to quickly determine your fibre levels.

The number of wipes you undertake after completing number 2's is a great indicator of fibre in your system.

Zero - 1 wipes - you are OD on fibre - most likely constipated. The worst thing to consume is fibre.

2-3 wipes - fibre levels in the ideal zone

4-5 wipes - slighly fibre deficient

6-7 wipes - you are in trouble - very little fibre in your system.

7 - 8 wipes - a plumber may be ...

APR 4, 2019

Carbohydrates Are Not the Devil

First is was the demonization of 'fats' by the health'experts' only to be disproved a few years later by researchers showing that carbs, not fats where the catalyst of most of our major health and weight gain issues. Now the same organisations are telling us carbohydrates are the devil. The truth is, carbs are a bit like a rabid dog. You need to watch them closely, especially around kids, keep them, on a leash and don't drop you guard too often because they will come back and bite you. But ...

SEP 19, 2018

Magic Magnesium

Magnesium is one of those true wonder nutrients. We prescribe for client with PCOS, thyroid, migraines, perimenopause and menopause symptoms.

Your cells dump magnesium when you are stressed as a way to rev up the nervous systems and cope with daily life. If you work, interact with people, commute, drink coffee and worry - you are deficient in magnesium. If you live on a hill and mediate for 3 hours a day you are probably okay.

Magnesium: regulates cortisol, reduces blood sugar and improves in...

SEP 10, 2018

Get the Right Information Each Month

Many women have thought that getting regular periods means their reproductive system is working perfectly. In fact, most doctors think that too! In other words, if a period comes about once a month, and the time from one period to the next is not too variable, most women and many doctors assume that the cycle is normal. And by “normal”, they mean that ovulation has occurred and the ovary has secreted the right amounts of progesterone as well as estrogen. In fact, although some cycles with ano...

SEP 10, 2018

Gut Health

Did you know that after course of antibiotics your healthy gut microbiome is destroyed and your immune health is compromised. It can take some people years to restore this good gut flora. An average 5 year old has had approximately 8 rounds of antibiotics before starting school. Effectively they can now experience a life time of poor health as a result. Adults can take two years to restore gut health after antibiotics especially if their life style isn’t flash.

Consuming fermented foods and g...

SEP 3, 2018

Ovulation is a Key Indicator of Women's Health

Ovulatory cycles are both an indicator and a creator of health.

Regular ovulation in women is a sign that all is well with the body. In particular - that there’s enough food. There’s not too much stress. Regular ovulation is also a sign that the thyroid is functioning well and that insulin is not too high (because insulin resistance impairs ovulation).

Ovulation is how women make their much-needed monthly dose of progesterone. (Remember, estrogen and progesterone are as important for women as t...

SEP 3, 2018

The Power of Sleep

Did you know that the first two thirds of a good nights sleep is dedicated to cell, tissue and muscle repair and maintenence? If you get to sleep too late, struggle to get to sleep or the first part of the night is unsettled you are likely to wake up physically tired.

The final third of a night sleep (during REM) is where the cognitive work and restoration is done.

During REM your brain comes to life.

-Dreams occur

-The brain re organizes information – short term information is stored as long...

AUG 22, 2018

The Best Types of Food For You.

Every individual responds differently to the same food. Eating a piece of fruit for person 'A' will provide them with satiety (fullness) for between 3-5 hours, but for person 'B' it may invoke a blood glucose / insulin response meaning they will be hungry again within the hour.

Understanding how your metabolism responds to food is important for your health / wellbeing and weight management strategies.

So how do you work out what food groups best suit your metabolism and genetic make up?

If you...

AUG 20, 2018

Chlorine in Drinking Water

If you live in city / town that chlorinates its drinking water supply, consider this.

CHLORINE is a BLEACH. A bleach is designed to kill bacteria. Unfortunately bleach can't differentiate between good and bad bacteria (a bit like antibiotics) and therefore destroys ALL bacteria.

This will increase the risk of oral health issues and gut issues because the good bacteria has been destroyed. Your good gut bacteria is an immune health co-factor.

When Public Health Authorities claim there is no d...

AUG 20, 2018

Four Questions to Always Ask Your GP

Whenever you visit your GP there is a simple acronym that should be front of mind as you walk through the door.


After a diagnosis, your Doc will offer a strategy to resolve the health issue. A strategy will be either medication based or surgical based. Be sure to ask 4 questions about the strategy.

1. What are the BENEFITS of adopting this strategy? Will the strategy address the cause or just the symptoms of the health issue? Will it improve quality of life?

2. Are there any RISKS assoc...

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