The Coach Smith
APR 4, 2019

Carbohydrates Are Not the Devil

First is was the demonization of 'fats' by the health'experts' only to be disproved a few years later by researchers showing that carbs, not fats where the catalyst of most of our major health and weight gain issues. Now the same organisations are telling us carbohydrates are the devil. The truth is, carbs are a bit like a rabid dog. You need to watch them closely, especially around kids, keep them, on a leash and don't drop you guard too often because they will come back and bite you. But for some people, carbohydrates are essential to good health. We all have a macro-nutrient profile. Some people respond well to a low carb intake, some people respond well to a moderate carb intake. However, no-one responds well to zero carbs, just as no-one respond well to a very high carb intake (include athletes)

All women require some carbohydrates in order to maintain regular periods. A low carb intake will increase the risk of leptin resistance - a key hormone that regulates energy intake, hunger levels and fat stores. The best type of carb to consume are 'gentle carbs'. Such carbs are pre-biotic carbs that have their starch composition altered by the way they are cooked and eaten. Talk to your coach to determine your macro nutrient profile and what carbs are best for you, but for goodness sake, don't fall into the fake news trap of believing carbohydrates are the devil and should never be consumed.

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