The Coach Smith
AUG 20, 2018

Chlorine in Drinking Water

If you live in city / town that chlorinates its drinking water supply, consider this.

CHLORINE is a BLEACH. A bleach is designed to kill bacteria. Unfortunately bleach can't differentiate between good and bad bacteria (a bit like antibiotics) and therefore destroys ALL bacteria.

This will increase the risk of oral health issues and gut issues because the good bacteria has been destroyed. Your good gut bacteria is an immune health co-factor.

When Public Health Authorities claim there is no direct health risk from drinking chlorinated water they are probably correct. But there is most certainly an INDIRECT HEALTH RISK from drinking excessive levels of chlorinated water.

We already know children are less likely to drink chlorinated water because of the taste, often reverting to less healthier options and we also understanding the bacteria destroying effect of chlorine on oral and gut flora.

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