The Coach Smith
AUG 20, 2018

Four Questions to Always Ask Your GP

Whenever you visit your GP there is a simple acronym that should be front of mind as you walk through the door.


After a diagnosis, your Doc will offer a strategy to resolve the health issue. A strategy will be either medication based or surgical based. Be sure to ask 4 questions about the strategy.

1. What are the BENEFITS of adopting this strategy? Will the strategy address the cause or just the symptoms of the health issue? Will it improve quality of life?

2. Are there any RISKS associated with this strategy? Will there be side-effects, changes to an existing life style, impact on sleep, etc?

3. Are there any ALTERNATIVES to the proposed strategy? The response to this question will generally be limited because the only likely alternative won't require medication or surgery, a field of science your GP or specialist is not trained in.

4. What are the likely consequences if you choose to do NOTHING? Will the issue just go away, will it worsen, will it impact on other areas of health...?

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