The Coach Smith
JUN 3, 2019

How to Assess Your Fibre Levels

I know this may be a bit of tongue in cheek but there is a sure fired way to quickly determine your fibre levels.

The number of wipes you undertake after completing number 2's is a great indicator of fibre in your system.

Zero - 1 wipes - you are OD on fibre - most likely constipated. The worst thing to consume is fibre.

2-3 wipes - fibre levels in the ideal zone

4-5 wipes - slighly fibre deficient

6-7 wipes - you are in trouble - very little fibre in your system.

7 - 8 wipes - a plumber may be required to move the blockage. Serious fibre deficiency

9+ wipes - probably easier to just jump in the shower - no fibre - you serously need to consume some insoluble fibre

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