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SEP 3, 2018

Ovulation is a Key Indicator of Women's Health

Ovulatory cycles are both an indicator and a creator of health.

Regular ovulation in women is a sign that all is well with the body. In particular - that there’s enough food. There’s not too much stress. Regular ovulation is also a sign that the thyroid is functioning well and that insulin is not too high (because insulin resistance impairs ovulation).

Ovulation is how women make their much-needed monthly dose of progesterone. (Remember, estrogen and progesterone are as important for women as testosterone is for men.)

The most common reason for lack of ovulation is undereating, especially under eating carbs.

The next most common reason for lack of ovulation is polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), which (in most cases) is a downstream effect of insulin resistance.

NOTE: A regular period is not a sign of definite ovulation because it’s possible to have an anovulatory cycle.

How to detect ovulation. Signs of possible ovulation include fertile mucus and a regular period. Signs of definite ovulation include 1) a rise in waking temperature, and 2) an increase in progesterone as measured by a mid-luteal phase blood test.

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