The Coach Smith
AUG 22, 2018

The Best Types of Food For You.

Every individual responds differently to the same food. Eating a piece of fruit for person 'A' will provide them with satiety (fullness) for between 3-5 hours, but for person 'B' it may invoke a blood glucose / insulin response meaning they will be hungry again within the hour.

Understanding how your metabolism responds to food is important for your health / wellbeing and weight management strategies.

So how do you work out what food groups best suit your metabolism and genetic make up?

If you have WARM HANDS and RED EARS your metabolism will resond best to a higher protein and fat diet. Satiety will last longer after eating these foods.

If you have COLD HANDS and WHITE EARS you metabolism will respond best to a higher carbohydrate
/ protein diet. Satiety will last longer after eating this type of food group.

Weird - but very true!

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