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Performing Well

The need for high performance people to CONSISTENTLY FUNCTION at the highest level creates a WELLNESS PERFECT STORM.

TRAINING, COMPETING AND RECOVERY, places short and long term pressure on the physiological and cognitive systems that keep you well.

PERFORMING WELL is a NEW GENERATION system that REMOVES all the THREATS that contribute to training, competition and recovery illness, sickness, disease and under performance.

Performing Well

Perhaps the single biggest challenge facing a high performance athlete as well as the sturdy weekend warrior is the daily conflict between nutrition for performance and nutrition for health.

For those of you that haven’t quite caught up with this – they are completely opposite.

For example:

A healthy body doesn’t require high sugar, protein and sodium levels or high insulin levels as they contribute to a series of poor health consequences namely weight gain, high BP, high triglyceride levels, high cholesterol, high ammonia levels, poor body pH, lack of energy, alertness, the need to constantly eat, slower mental agility, slower recovery time, poor immune health and the list goes on.

However a high performing body (especially those requiring a high energy uptake) does require high, glucose / carbohydrate input, (depending on an athletes macronutrient profile) faster insulin secretion in order to release the energy, high sodium levels to assist hydration, high protein levels for recovery, repair and maintenance… etc

So - the obvious question is – how do you structure your food and your week to ensure optimum health and optimum performance?

And the answer – 'PERFORMING Well'

Performing well is an innovative and revolutionary wellbeing programme designed specifically for athletes and performers.

Imagine waking up every morning with a spring in your step despite a hard physical and / or mental training regime. Imagine having high energy levels, high concentration and focus levels and general mental clarity – every day

Imagine no gut upsets, seldom being struck down with flu or sickness or imagine recovering quickly from scrapes bruises and injury.

An athlete’s wellbeing constitutes 20 to 30% of his / her training and performing capability. It’s not really rocket science is it? When you feel great you train and perform great.

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