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The pillars for high performance success have evolved significantly over the last few years, so much so that NZ now leads the way in establishing the foundation (and arguably the most important pillar) of all - athlete wellbeing and health.

Irrespective of natural or constructed talent, an athlete will never fulfill his / her sporting potential if wellbeing and health is a barrier. We have discovered that over 98% of High Performance athletes normalize sub-optimum health and wellbeing and that the same percentage have between 10 and 40% improvement capability from a health perspective.

How much this health and wellbeing development will translate into improved performance will vary from athlete to athlete, but we know for over 98% of all HP athletes across 13 different codes they currently only train at full training readiness and capability an average of one day a week, and the same percentage only arrive on competition day at full mental and physical competition readiness and capacity less than 20% of the time.

Over the last five years SIGMA -ih has worked with athletes in NZ and Australia to:

1 Understand the short term limitations and risks on an athlete from living a (fully professional) HP athlete lifestyle

2. Understand the long term health and wellbeing risks from living a HP life style (in particular post career)

3. How these limitations and risk impact on training and competition performance now (during their career)?

4. How these limitations impact on quality of life and longevity post-career?

5. What is required to mitigate these risks to allow an athlete to train, compete, recover and travel illness free?

6. What is required for an athlete to train at full mental and physical readiness and capability 5+ days a week and arrive at competition in a similar state over 80% of the time?

7. What is required to enable an athlete post career to live a healthy, happy and illness free life?

The result of this work is captured in a programme called: SIGMA ELITE. Where athlete's move beyond the high performance ranks into the elite.

Once the mental and physical wellbeing and health base is in place an athlete is better positioned to benefit from individual specific work done on his / her customized nutrition / hydration system and his / her customized mental skills system.

Common practice is for athlete’s to just receive generic content in the nutrition / hydration / mental skills space, but we now understand that by integrating personal wellbeing and health principles into a customized nutrition / hydration and mind health system - outcomes are measurably improved and relevant to a specific athlete’s needs.


- Accurately identify an athlete’s wellbeing and health status and profile.

- Customize habits, routines and skills to measurably improve an athletes health and wellbeing

- Guarantee that at the conclusion of this process the athlete will not become ill, with the ability to train and compete at mental and physical optimum 5+ days a week.

- Monitor and provide real time data to an athlete on their health status throughout a training / competition cycle

- Integrate a personalized nutrition / hydration plan that compliments their specific health needs

- Integrate a mental skills personal plan (mind health) to allow an athlete to operate at full cognitive capability

- Provide unlimited personalized wellbeing and health support to an athlete for the duration of their career (Performing Well)

- Provide unlimited personalized wellbeing and health support to an athlete and their family post- career. (Living & Aging Well)

Pete is our Master Coach who works in sporting and corporate high performance environments. The TRUTH is, you may have the most skilled, talented, world leading brains or physical capability in your organisation / team, but unless they are operating at full mental and physical capacity most days of a week (instead of the average one day a week) these people are not HIGH PERFORMANCE CAPABLE. Pete works individually with all of your human assets to identify any wellbeing and health barriers, remove those barriers and ensure they don't return. When you have every link of the performance chain operating at full capacity you truly open the door to consistent success.

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