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Performing Well

The need for high performance people to CONSISTENTLY FUNCTION at the highest level creates a WELLNESS PERFECT STORM.

TRAINING, COMPETING AND RECOVERY, places short and long term pressure on the physiological and cognitive systems that keep you well.

PERFORMING WELL is a NEW GENERATION system that REMOVES all the THREATS that contribute to training, competition and recovery illness, sickness, disease and under performance.

Performing Well

Are you aware that a typical high performance athlete turns up to training absolutely on fire, on top of his / her game, at optimum training readiness, on average, just 'one' day a week? (Bond University Qld, Australia: Athlete Health Longitudinal Study -2018)

Just think about that for a moment.

And when asked the number one reason 'why' the average is so low, 97.6% of respondents highlighted: Because of how they feel / their health.

When the same cohort of male and female athletes were asked to describe (on a scale of 1-10) how they felt on a really good day, the responses ranged between 5 and 8 out of ten, with an average of 6.5.

In other words, when an athlete was having a good day, they were (on average) a 6 or 7 out of ten.

While this number is only an arbitrary figure, it does indicate that athlete's normalise SUB OPTIMUM wellbeing and health. Most athlete's have anywhere from 30 to 50% wellbeing & health improvement available to them which if achieved five to six days a week ( instead of just one) will result in some form of measurable performance improvement.


We enable an individual athlete to operate at close to optimum every day of the week, by measurably improving their mental and physiological wellbeing and health.

We remove the risk of illness and disease throughout a season

We monitor the health and wellbeing of every athlete (and coach) on a weekly basis over the season using Symptom Picture Analysis, to regulate 'illness cause' through physical and mental stress and strain loading, systemic loading.

We provide REAL TIME data to the individual athlete and to an organisation on athlete wellbeing, health and disposition.

* We provide personalised wellbeing and health care to every individual to REVERSE THE CAUSE and PREVENT sickness and disease rather than just treating SYMPTOMS of poor health using medication after they have occurred.

* We help organisations protect the short and long term wellbeing of their athletes from risks of being involvement in high performance sport.

* We help sporting organisations create a performance culture that is athlete centric and turns the conventional models upside down, where ATHLETES ARE 100% SELF MOTIVATED AND DRIVEN.


> Performance consistency

> High training output / productivity

> Athlete self-management, determination and engagement

> A sickness and disease free squad

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