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Q Does performing well take away the need for a team doctor or other medical or support staff?

A: Absolutely not. A team doctor is required for medical matters (in particular- bone, muscle, tendon, head injuries and chronic medical situations) The point of performing well is to remove the risk of wellbeing / health issues before they occur and to ideally reduce the dependency on medication use which in itself can cause performance decline. Believe it or not, most doctors are only trained in medicine - not health. Understanding how gut microbiome, hormonal imbalance, poor sleep habits, chronic inflammation etc impacts on performance and more importantly how to remove the cause of these issues is our role. We just work in tandem with medical staff and continually provide them with data about an individual wellbeing and how they are tracking. Medical staff are generally onsite every day. We are not. We are however accessible to athletes and other staff running the protocol.

Because we are not part of the organisation, we often deal with issues athletes prefer not to raise with staff.

Nutritional staff- as a generalisation, have the role of keeping a players engine running so they can continue to train, compete and recover well. They provide skin fold management guidance, hydration advice etc. The role is not specifically focused on the health or wellbeing of an athlete. Again, as medical nutritionists we focus specifically on a players mental and physical wellbeing, preventing issues or cause reversing issues.

Sometimes symptoms may just need to be treated with medication- the doctors role.

Q: Is the support available to coaching staff?

A: 100%. A coaches health and wellbeing is just as vunerable and as important as the athletes health and wellbeing. The same applies to all other staff. Also understanding what the players are experiencing helps coaching and support staff to provide the right support.

A highly successful organisation requires all staff to be on the top of their game all day / every day.

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