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Even if you think you are eating the healthiest diet possible, in time your metabolism will adapt and the benefits dissipate. The only way to ensure you retain optimum wellbeing and health is to apply the principles of DIVERSITY to the way to live, exercise and eat.

With 23 you alter your eating plan seasonally (every 3 months) to incorporate seasonal foods and to prepare your metabolism from the upcoming season.

In the autumn for example you will focus on building immune health. In the winter you maintain a strong immune system. In spring, you look to manage weight.

23 is a remarkable system that integrates food diversity that ensures gut microbiome diversity that lays the foundation of optimum mental and physical wellbeing. We integrate the skills, knowledge, habits and routines from your LIVING WELL and AGING WELL or ELITE CARE programmes into a sustainable way of life.

We show you how to integrate physical activity into this living plan, how it's adaptable to holidays, busy work schedules, conferences, overseas travel or just staying with family / friends.

23 is the way to ensure all the results you have achieved, stay achieved.

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