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Teaching Well

We look after the personal health & wellbeing of teachers, support staff and educational leaders.

Teaching Well

Teaching Well is a specialist programme for educational leaders, teaching staff and support staff.

We look after the health & wellbeing of people involved in education.

The Teaching Well system enables:

* The prevention of sickness and disease: Once you have introduced the Living Well system we guarantee your people will be illness and sickness free.

* Cause reversal if you are experiencing illness, sicknss or disease: We focus on reversing the cause of illness, sickness and disease rather than just treating the symptoms as our health system does now.

* Protection from illness, sickness and disease. Once the system is introduce you will live a life free from medication use, free from illness and free from unmanagable weight gain.

We 100% guarantee your results.

We understand how to help schools become a desirable, healthy and safe place to work.

We understand that the health, happiness and wellbeing of staff is inextricably linked to the success of the school.

We understand the impact of teacher illness on the learning and development outcomes of students.

Enabling a teacher to stay in the classroom and operate at optimum capacity every day is our number one focus.

Ensuring they also have the energy, vitality and wellbeing to enjoy time out of the classroom is our second focus.

"I don't mind admitting I've had a lifetime of on and off health issues. And there is no doubt it's impacted on my abilty to do my job as well as be a mother and wife. But this living well process has completely changed everything. It took two months for every health issues I had to vanished. Some of those issues I'd been battling for years. I'm now completely in control of my weight and my energy levels have gone through the roof. From someone who doesn't rave about much in life - this system is incredible"
Annie Muller, Teacher, Christchurch, NZ.

We provide additional specialist support for:

Principals and senior managers in a school.

Year one and two beginning teachers. Arguably the hardest years in teaching.

Introducing the 7 benchmarks of organisational health & wellbeing

Staff transitioning from the classroom to retirement to ensure they have the health and wellbeing to enjoy many post- teaching years.

Teachers tell us every day that prior to 'teaching well' they may only operate at full capacity one or two days out of every week. After teaching well, this changes to an average 4 or 5 days a week and they have the energy and vitality to enjoy the weekends rather than crashing into recovery mode.

The programme has a 98.6% success rate when personally coached and we offer a 100% guarantee clients will achieve the results / solutions they are looking for.

Currently over 9,000 educators are involved with the teaching well initiative.

Not one minute of class time is required for the system to operate

The system will pay for itself inside two terms from reduced expenditure from the staff sickness relief budget.

Read on to find out how your school can become involved.

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