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Q: Can I access Teaching Well if my school doesn’t sign on?

A: No. However that doesn’t prevent you from signing on to your own LIVING WELL PROGRAMME. You then gain access to all of the resources (clips, videos menus, recipes,) and unlimited access to your coach.

However - smaller schools can run the Piggy back system

Q Do you have available non-medicated health solutions for children?

A; Yes. We have coaches that specialize in this field. If your school is signed on just contact [email protected] and he will take things from there.

Q: If I have sick children can I contact a coach for a non-medication solution if my school signs on to Teaching Well?

A: Yes. In fact you can do this as often as you like over the time of the school’s annual registration

Q If my husband (who is not a teacher or connect to my school) wants to do a personal programme, can he?

A: Totally. We suggest you contact [email protected] to let him know you are doing a programme and your husband would like to run one as well. The same discount is available to a partner of a staff member or other family members.

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