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Teaching Well is a professional service available to educational leaders, support staff and teaching staff.

Once a school signs on to Teaching well, all staff have unlimited (free) and personalised access to the following:

* A 45 minutes health and wellbeing seminar by way of introducing the programme to your school. This session will turn on the light as to why we become ill, how to prevent and avoid illness with take home strategies you can apply the following day.

* Access to over 800 highly researched, evidenced based knowledge clips on a multitude of health, wellbeing and weight management themes

- A monthly newsletter on the latest health & wellbeing research, trends and facts

- Recipes and a comprehensive menu planner

- Confidential, personal access to a wellness coach 7 days a week to support you with peronal or family health issues.

- Access 25 online seminars on the following topics

- Winter Wellness Understanding Food:

- Micro-nutrients: Understanding Supplements:

- The Digestive System / health Gut Health:

- Understanding Exercise: Weight Management:

- Hormonal Balance: Women's Health:

- Men’s Health: Cognitive Health / Brain Health:

- Sleep: Stress Management:

- Children's Health: The Myth of Medicine:

- Training for an event: Weight training to create shape:

- Leptin resistance: Insulin resistance

- Training for an event:

Year 1 and 2 Teachers.

We provide free of charge personal wellbeing support for teachers in the most challenging years of their career. This doesn't displace the role of a tutor (experienced mentor) who will focus on pedagogical support, this process supports young teachers on how to look after themselves outside of the school environment so as to cope well with the rigors of the job.

"As a new teacher to the NZ system I've been incredibly impressed with the support teachers (and their families) are receiving for their wellbeing. Nothing like this in any way operates in the UK. I've always considered my health to be fairly solid but now that I've done Living Well I feel I'm working and living on another energy level. This is a fantastic initiative and I love the flexibility to contact a coach at any time" Ian Shepherd, Music Teacher, Hamilton, NZ

Transitioning To Retirement

At the other end of the scale schools have staff who are looking to transition from a teaching load to retirement. We support these teachers to ensure the are not confronted with the one barrier preventing them from enjoying their retirement years - poor health and wellbeing.


* Individual staff can sign up for a 15 week personalised (confidential) LIVING WELL programme that will prevent, reverse or protect from over 90% of illnessess and disease. This programme comes with a 100% guarantee you will achieve results.

* Instead of paying $574 for this personalised support, individuals associated with a school on Teaching Well receive the programme for less than $274 (a number of scales exist)

(For more informtion about the personal programme, click on 'PROGRAMMES' - HALCYON LIVING WELL)

The coaching of this programme is conducted away from school with absolutly NO intrusion into teaching time. There is NO reporting or dialogue back with the school once a programme begins.

Privacy and confidentialy sit at the very core of what we do.

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