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The cost of an annual subscription for a school starts at $2500 (+ Gst) Pa

For a staff of approximately 30 this works out to be around $65 per person, per year for staff personal health and wellbeing.

Once a school has a critical mass using Teaching Well, we guarantee the annual cost of the programme will be recovered by the savings made to the staff illness releif budget because of reduced sickness.

How to sign on to Teaching Well.

Schools can support staff to complete a personalised wellness programme by purchasing CODES.

A CODE is a personalised, confidential, fully coached 15 week health and wellbeing programme for an individual. To the general public this programme costs $574.

Once CODES are purchsed, the CODE is just entered into this site (instructions provided to the school) to initiate the programme.

By purchsing a BUNDLE of CODE the cost to staff is reduced to less than $250.

Cost of CODEs schools can purchase

5 codes - $1,250 (+Gst)

10 codes - $2,500

15 codes- $3,000

20 codes - $4,000

25 codes - $5,000

Alternative Option for Schools

Schools may elect NOT to subsidise the cost of a programme to staff by purchasing CODES. If this is the case we still offer fully coached programmes to teachers for $274 per programme rather than the regular $574.

Staff just go into 'PROGRAMMES', select HALCYON LIVING WELL and sign up on the $274 ticket.

They receive all the support and services provided to someone signing on through the $574 ticket.

For any enquiries about pricing and options available to schools: contact

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