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The first stage of Teaching Well focuses specifically on school leaders, teachers and support staff.

We know that 82% of all teachers and support staff turn up to work every day experiencing some form of health, wellbeing or medication related issue. (2016 MoH Educational Wellness and Productivity Report)

These issues are diverse and include;

Headaches, migraines, anxiety, fatigue, brain fog, depression, skin issues, food allergies / intolerances, digestive issues, bowel issues, hormonal imbalances, weight issues, poor concentration, bloating, poor immune health issues, adrenal fatigue, histamine intolerance, flu like symptoms………….

We know that 91% of all Principals scored less that the general population on all positive health markers and proportionately higher on all negative health and wellbeing markers (2017 Principals Health & Wellbeing Survey)

Optimum health, wellbeing and weight involves the alignment of 8 co-factors.

1. Macro-nutrient balance: carbohydrates, protein & fats

2. Micronutrient balance: vitamins and minerals

3. pH: the acidity and alkalinity of the body

4. Gut Bacteria: the mix of pre and probiotics

5. Inflammation, oxidation and glycation: that age us, make us ill and eventually kill us

6. Hormonal balance:80% of female health issues caused by hormonal imbalance

7. Exercise: getting the dose value right

8. Sleep /stress / relationships.

Only one co-factor needs to be out of sync for health issues to begin .To achieve optimum health, wellbeing and weight management, all 8 need to be aligned. This is what Teaching Well does, away from school with total privacy and confidentiality.

"My staff is challenged every day with consistently providing high quality teaching and learning support to our children. We discovered that perhaps the biggest barrier to delivering this quality is an individuals personal health and wellbeing. Since introducing Teaching Well things have really started to change. The first noticable metric was less staff illness and time away from the classroom. That alone is worth our investment" Mandy Wilkinson, Auckland, NZ

This programme is for schools that genuinely care about the leaning and development of their students.

We know that every day a staff member doesn't feel at 100% he / she under - operates in the classroom.

We know that every day a teacher spends out of a classroom will impact on a child's motivation, commitment and confidence.

We know that people working in a school community are extremely vulnerable to illness and disease all year round and more likely to have immune health issues.


Teaching well (or any of our other systems) is not a weight loss programme. We make no apology for the fact we are 100% health & wellbeing focused. However, the reason 'weight' loss is not one of the 8 co-factors of optimum health is because it's a SYMPTOM OF POOR HEALTH. Most people incorrectly believe they need to lose weight to be healthy. The exact opposite is true. 'They first need to be healthy to lose weight'. So "yes" we can get weight off you and keep it off , but it's always a consequence of improved health and the balancing of the 8 co-factors of optimum wellbeing. Conversely - we can help you improve your health while you still retain your current weight, or if need be, we can help you put quality weight on. You just need to make it clear what your weight management goal is at the start of your programme. But if you are looking to lose weight without first addressing your health - you have come to the wrong place.

Teaching well -

* Will keep healthy people healthy

* Reverse the cause of illness for people who are not currently healthy and well

* Prevent future illness and disease.

* Measurably improve staff engagement and productivity

* Measurably decrease the time staff spend out of the classroom due to illness.

The system is relevant for both males and females, all ethnicities and all adult ages.

A list of health issues we can help staff with (without the use of medication)

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