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Terms & Conditions - Schools

This agreement outlines the obligations of both parties involved in the Teaching Well Programme:

Party 1

The Coachsmith / SIGMA Health & Wellbeing




a. Provide an introductory teaching well seminar either face to face or electronically

b. Provide a yearly service of support to the principal and his / her immediate family.

c. The service includes a 15 week fully coached, personalized health and wellbeing programme: Halcyon Living plus ongoing support if required over 12months

d. Provide a monthly e-newsletter to all staff on the TW programme

e. Provide access to online knowledge clips and seminars to staff on the TW programme

f. Provide 7 day a week, unlimited, health & wellbeing consultation service to all staff on the TW programme. This service provides remedies when possible to staff health and wellbeing issues NOTE: Consultation does not include the writing of programmes or ongoing programme support. This service is limited to staff on a SIGMA Living 15 week programme.

g. Provide (your school) with two complimentary CODEs that entitle the bearer of each to a 15 week Halcyon Living Programme.

h. Provide all (your school) staff with the opportunity to undertake a 15 week, personally coached, customized SIGMA Living Well programme at a reduced cost of $250 (incl Gst) or less.

i. Provide (your school) with CODE bundles to purchase at their discretion.

j. Honour a 100% money back guarantee with all SIGMA Living programmes that clients will achieve their health, weight and wellbeing goals.


Outlined below is a clarification of what we will and will not report on.

a. We do report

· Numbers of staff who use the LIBRARY resources.

· Number of consultations for your staff

· The general list of themes discussed in the consultations (but not who discussed them)

· The number of CODES purchased and the uptake rate.

· The number of staff on SIGMA Living programmes

b. We do not report:

· Individual staff health concerns or issues we are supporting them with.

· Who has accessed what through the online resources. (Although we do cross check what individuals are accessing to ensure there is not a health issue we are unaware of as part of a client support plan.


· When a new client signs up, we look at their place of employment and identify if poor health (and specifically a type of poor health) may pose a risk to the public, work colleagues or others. Industries of interest include: Police, (armed offenders) fire, ambulance, medical practitioners, aviation, defense force, transport (drivers / operators) teaching, childcare, forestry, and construction.

· During our discussion with a client over the course of the programme we identify an individual’s role within their industry.

· If we believe a risk is evident we discuss this with a client encouraging them to (a.) Raise the health issue with an employer (b.) Take voluntary sick leave until the programme results are evident and the person is cleared by a medical practitioner or specialist.

· If we believe a risk is escalated through non-action by the client we will advise the client an employer will be notified and then do so.


a.The following metrics should be considered as indicators of programme success.

1. An increase in staff productivity and engagement

2. Less health and safety events due to human error

3. Measurably less absenteeism due to illness

4. A reduction in the illness relief budget

5. Decreased turnover of quality staff.


a. Due to the location or remoteness of some schools there may be occasions where expenses (travel, accommodation) will need to be claimed.

b. No claims will occurs unless approval (in writing) from the school has first occurred.


1. (YOUR SCHOOL) is required to pay an annual fee of $2300 (incl Gst) prior to the start of the Teaching Well programme

a. This annual fee will not change for as long as the school remains on the Teaching Well programme.

2. The introductory seminar date will not be lock into a calendar until the programme fee is payed.

3. (YOUR SCHOOL) is under no obligation to renew their membership after 12 months.

3a If a membership lapses and (YOUR SCHOOL) decides to resign up at a later date – the sign up is at the new fee rate, not their original fee rate

4. If a school decides to lapse their membership after 12 months, all current or outstanding SIGMA Living programme will be fully honoured.

5. Individual staff can access the SIGMA living Coaching support privately if a school contract lapses for a fee of $78 per year. This fee provides them with access to resources but access to a wellness coach is paid for over and above this fee using a facility called ‘coach chat’

6. Abuse of the service and IP. If a Staff member from YOUR SCHOOL abuses the consultation service by inviting a non-family member in for a consultation or provides access to TCS site resources to any individual not part of the School Teaching Well programme that staff members access to the programme will immediately cease.

7. This decision is communicated to the School liaison person, by the TCS liaison person. The school liaison communicates the decision to suspend access to the programme to the staff member concerned.

8. A family member is defined as Partner / children living in the same home environment.

9. Intellectual property:

a. All resources available on the TCS site is copyrighted to TCS and cannot be used for school promotional material, information letters, presentations, display or another other purpose unless agreed upon in writing, by the managing Director of thecoachsmith Ltd


10. Dispute

a. Any disputes that may arise between parties are negotiated between the managing Director of TCS / halcyon living and the principal of the school.

b. If agreement cannot be reached the School Board Chair has final jurisdiction.

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