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The health and wellbeing of your staff and the success of your business is inexplicably linked.


It’s no secret to an employer that the health, wellbeing and happiness of staff is inextricably linked to the success of a business.

You only need to experience a run of staff absences, falling productivity or declining levels of staff engagement to understand the impact this will quickly have on the bottom line.

For an employer priorities are four fold and universal.

1. High profitability

2. High productivity

3. High Staff engagement

4. Low health and safety risk

That’s it. Skim off all the bluster about staff welfare, company values, client happiness, a family culture etc and you are left with why a business exists.

Unless an employee has an equity stake in a business employees by and large do not really give a hoot about any of the employers 4 key priorities.

For employees, priorities in the work place are completely different.

1. Health

2. Happiness

3. Security

4. Safety

What a lot of organization fail to recognise is:

The biggest driver of high profitability, high productivity, high staff engagement and low health and safety risk in EVERY ORGANISATION is the health, happiness, security and safely of staff.

Staff health & wellbeing doesn't start in a business or organisation - it starts with habits and routines in the home.


Occupational Health & Wellbeing is:

- A system that supports people to introduce personal habits and routines to sustain or improve health & wellbeing in their private life (where two thirds of living occurs)

- A system that is multi-dimensional and adapts to different genders, cultures, ages and health and wellbeing needs.

- A system that supports staff 7 days a week, 12 months of the year to provide ongoing, pragmatic and scientific guidance.

- A system that supports the work place setting to establish new structures that align with the new habits and rountines staff are introducing into their private lives.

- Recognition that health and wellbeing is a DEEPLY PERSONAL & PRIVATE matter. Staff must understand that their care plans are strictly private, confidential, specific to their needs and effective.

- A system that guarantees it's results.

(Reduced absenteeism due to illness, increased productivity and engagement, reduced health and safety events, measurable improvements in target achievement)

What occupational health and wellbeing is NOT

- A system or programme that doesn't guarantee results.

- A system that doesn't have measurable returns on investment.

- Occasional seminars / workshops / guest speakers

- After the event counselling or any sort of counselling

- A uni-dimensional focus: For example: A focus just on sleep, happiness, confidence etc.

- Corporate gym, clothing or equipment subsidies

- Weight loss programmes

- Corporate challenges that have a beginning and an end

- Water coolers in the staff room or 'healthy' food option in the cafe

- Onsite health checks that simply measure what most people already know.

While all of these strategies are a nice start, not one will yield long term returns on investment.

It’s not rocket science is it? Happy, healthy, secure and safe staff make far better employees that those that are not.

"The Working Well system is hands down the best investment for improved productivity and profitability we have ever made. A 17% increase in output in under 18 months (and climbing) Nothing else come close this." Jonathon Ladd: Data Systems

This is what we do.

· The system pays for itself within 6 months

· We look after the wellbeing and health of your staff and their families.

· We guarantee staff will NOT become ill

· Reduced annual expenditure on staff illness and absenteeism

· Higher productivity and engagement from staff on the programme.

· Increased target achievement from staff on the programme

· The ability to accommodate scale while maintaining a quality service

· Responsibility for wellbeing and health sits with the employee.

· Not a single minute’s intrusion into regular work time. All support occurs outside working hours.

· Individual health & wellbeing eventually becomes part of your conversation when recruiting, reviewing performance and promoting.

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