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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will the annual fee for an organisation change each year?

A: No. Your initial fee per year will not increase as long as your membership doesn't lapse.

Q Can we withdraw from the programme after a year?

A: As an organisation you have total control over your membership through the site. Your membership runs for 12 months. Before renewal you are contacted by our business manager to ensure you are happy to continue. Cancelling your membership through the site is just a click of a button.

Q: How do we measure success with working well

A: Prior to the programme starting, both parties agree to a standard terms of trade agreement. Within this document we agree to the metrics of success.

Q: Is there a limit as to how many staff are on Working well?

A: No limit at all. We accomodate businesses with 10 or less staff and we work with businesses with in excess of 2000 staff.

Q: Is this initiative compulsory for staff?

A: This is up to a business but we recommend working well is voluntary to kick things off. Very quickly you will notice the staff that place a focus on their personal health & wellbeing and those that don't. If time away from work due to illness or poor productivity / engagement due to ongoing health is an issue the health & wellbeing conversation can be raised during performance reviews or prior to promotions. Many firms are introducing a health and wellbeing criteria into recruitment, performance reviews and promotion conversations. We show you how. When a firm builds a wellness personality, the healthier, higher performing staff flourish and stay while the staff with little or no focus on their personal health and wellbeing, (those more likely to be off work more often, less productive and less engaged) tend to depart.

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