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How it Works

Working Well is simple.

An organisation signs onto working well. (See 'HOW TO SIGN ON')

The annual cost of signing on is determined by the size of the organisation and the number / size of branches or divisions.

We either charge you per organisation or by branches / teams / bases / dividions. Generally an organisational fee occurs when the entire organisation / business is under one roof.

If you have a number of branches / divisions / bases / teams etc there are advantages to gettimg them up as separate individual organsations.

Contact : to discuss the most efficient and cost effective option for your business / organisation.

Organisational fees start at NZ$2000, pa for staff under 10 people

Annual Fee Structure

Organisations with 10 staff of less on one site NZ$2000 (+Gst) pa

Organisations with 10 to 30 staff on one site NZ$4000 (+Gst) pa

Organisations with 30 to 50 staff on one site NZ$6000 (+Gst) pa

Organisations with 50+ staff on one site NZ$8000 (+Gst) pa

* Please refer to "PRICING"

Branch Fees range between NZ$2000 to NZ$4000 (per branch per year)

For the ORGANISATIONAL OR BRANCH fee - all employees and their families have access to the following services (at no additional cost)

* 7 day a week access to a professional wellness coach to address personal health matters using non-medicated strategies. NOTE: this is not programme support to reverse the cause of an issue. It's a bit like visiting your doctor for treatment. The difference is we don't use drugs or medication - we use functional nutrition and life style habit changes.

* 7 day a week access to over 800 knowledge clips and on-line seminars. Each is the latest evidence based research on a particular topic or theme with pragmatic solutions to health and wellbeing issues. For many staff these first two services are all they need to make significant changes in their life.

* A monthly e-coms that covers the latest research and development in the health & wellbeing field

* An introductory 40 minute seminar presented to staff on the latest health and wellbeing findings. This seminar will turn the light on for staff.

* Access to a menu planner and hundreds of online recipes.

* A new recruit programme. For the first two years of a new recruits life with you as a company, we help them adjust to your work environment by looking after their health and wellbeing

* The transition to retirement programme. Most work environments have staff that are planning their exit to retirement. As a measure of respect for these employees we ensure the only barrier to enjoying a long and pleasant retirement (poor health) doesn't eventuate. We work with your retirees for two years after they have departed as you companies gift to them.

* The branch receives complimentary CODES. The number of codes is dependent upon the organisational sign up fee. Each CODE is a 5 week, fully coached personalsed health and wellbeing programme for one indivdual. The recipient of the CODE is coached online for 5 weeks to achieve targeted health and wellbeing outcomes. They then receive ZAP PLUS at no charge if they have bigger (long standing) health issues to result Results are 100% guaranteed.

* Staff have reduced cost access to the 5 week ZAP and ZAP PLUS programmes that guarantee you will not become ill once completed. We also guarantee improved productivity, improved engagement, improved target achievement. Staff have more energy, improved focus and concentration and are better conditioned to handle stress.

" To be fair it was only because of a bit of staff presure that we introduced a wellness initiative. I literally had no idea the impact it would have on improving our bottom line. In just 5 months staff productivity noticably improved, and half yearly results were up by 16%. Staff were happier, away from work with sickness less often and simply selling more stock. Nothing else had changed except the introduction of Working Well. You are looking at a convert" Patrick Schmidt: The Iconic


The only additional costs to an organisation is for staff that wish to undertake a personally coached 5 week, health and wellbeing programme. STAFF PAY FOR THEIR OWN PROGRAMME. The programme is called ZAP and is guaranteed to remove, reverse existing health issues or guaranteed to protect and prevent the recipient from becoming sick, ill or diseased.

The cost of a ZAP programme is reduced from NZ$574 to NZ$198 for people whose place of employment is operating Working Well.


Once an organisation / branch has a critical mass of staff operting Working Well - we provide additional support to the organisation.

On offer are a host of occupational wellness strategies firms can consider within the context of their organisational personality.

CONTACT: to discuss without any obligation how best to set up your specific business / organisation.

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