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Organiations can either be charged a 'whole organisation' fee OR a fee per branch / Division / team

Annual Fee Structure

Organisations with 10 staff of less on one site NZ$2000 (+Gst) pa

Organisations with 10 to 30 staff on one site NZ$4000 (+Gst) pa

Organisations with 30 to 50 staff on one site NZ$6000 (+Gst) pa

Organisations with 50+ staff on one site NZ$8000 (+Gst) pa


Each Branch NZ$2000 - 3000 (+Gst) pa

Please seek guidance from our Business Manager before signing on.

There are considerable reporting and cost saving advantages to an organisation with the Branch fee structure.

Purchasing Bundles of CODES

Each code represents a 15 week, personal, fully coached Halcyon Living well progrmme that retails at $574. Programmes are reduced to less than than this cost.

5 codes - $1,250 (+Gst)

10 codes - $2,500

15 codes- $3,000

20 codes - $4,000

25 codes - $5,000

30 codes - $6,000

Option 2

Some organisation choose not to subsidize staff programmes. Staff can still purchase their own personal programme for $274.

"As our business started to grow we quickly realized the importance of high quality staff. We wanted people capable of doing the work and thinking of two. We commissioned TCS to run our wellness programme. It was an amazing process to be part of as the people with an interest in personal health and wellbeing flourished and became our ‘best people’ and those with little or no interest eventually moved on. Wellness adds between 40 to 50% to our business every
Monica Dallow: CEO: McPherson's

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