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Some of the businesses we have worked with over the years:

"We are a web based financial service provider with over 60 staff who sit on their bums most of the day looking at a screen and dealing with clients. As a start up company we were looking for every possible 1% advantage we could get. Working well has provided this and more. We now have an energized and highly productive workforce where personal wellbeing and health is a key part of who we are. Great programme and highly recommended"

Dominic George: Managing Director: Kensington: Australasia

" I normally wouldn't bother writing an endorsement for a site, but the working well initiative has been extraordinaaily effective for our workforce. I really feel a healthy and well staff gives us a competitive advantage over others in the industry. I just wish we could bottle this and keep it for ourselves - it's that good"
Hamish Reedy: Civil Contractors, NZ

We have gone from a 7% engaged work environment to 41% inside 24 months. All the work is really done through the personal coaching process and some of the changes in my staff are extraordinary. It’s just so reassuring having someone trustworthy watch your back” Dr Sue Watson: Waikato University

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