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All women (and men) - all employees - have what we call genetic polymorphisms (or gene mutations) that predispose them to all kinds of chronic health conditions: Cancer, heart disease, autoimmune conditions, diabetes, obesity, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s etc. This just means the body has a gene that can eventuate in serious health issues. But we know gene mutations accounts for less than 10% of all illness and disease. What is important is epigenetics or how the gene is expressed and this is determined by how we live our lives – diet, exercise, sleep, detox, stress etc. Gene expression accounts for over 90% of our wellbeing and health. Just having the gene for a chronic illness doesn't mean we will develop it. As an example; we all have cancer cells, but whether or not we present with cancer is totally dependent upon factors that cause our cancer genes to be expressed.

How does PEH Guarantee you will not become ill or diseased?

There are two critical things we do in your programme.

1. We help your staff lay the foundation over 6 weeks for a healthy lifestyle to avoiding mutated gene expression. This reduces the risk of mutated genes pulling the trigger.

2. We help your staff remove all pathogens (negative bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites and moulds) from their system that drive the three things that make us unwell, age use and eventually kill us: inflammation, oxidation and glycation


Let us provide you with a very simple example.

One of the 30 co-factors of optimum health and wellbeing is quality and quantity sleep.

‘Statistically over half of your workforce is not enjoying consistent quality and quantity sleep every night. The minimum hours of sleep per night for a NZ adult is 6hr 30 min to avoid short and long term health consequences.’

University of California: Berkeley: Sleep Research Institute.

Massey University: New Zealand: Sleep Research Centre

‘The average number of hours of sleep received per night for a NZ adult female is 6 hours, 27 minutes. The average for a NZ adult male is 6 hours 17 minutes per night.’ Massey University Sleep Research Centre.

‘If an adult male and female experience less than the recommended daily requirement of sleep for 6 nights in a row they will experience the following physiological and neuro-degenerative changes.

A 70% decrease in spatial awareness, Decreased fine motor skill ability,

Decrease in visual attention, Decreased decision making ability,

Impaired learning, Decrease in judgment,

Decreased problem solving ability, Decrease in creativity,

Decreased urgency, Decreased ability to cope with pressure,

Increased risk of social loafing, Increased anxiety,

Increased rates of lying, Increased rates of dishonesty,

Increased impulsivity, Increase in irrational thinking,

Increased risk of headache / migraines, Increased risk of breaking the law,

Increased rates of deviant / immoral behaviour, Increase rates of stimulant use to improve

energy and to improve sleep.

Just consider for a moment the impact poor sleep has on your profitability / productivity / staff engagement and staff health and safety risk. This is just one of 30 co-factors that can influence the health and wellbeing of an employee.

“The health risks from sleep deprivation from just 6 nights of poor sleep will exceed the combined health threat of smoking, eating junk food, drinking alcohol and smoking THC over the same period of time.” Prof Matthew Walker: Berkeley

Over 50% of your staff do not meet the minimum sleep quantity requirements every working day of their life, which means the quality of their sleep is poor. It’s so easy to change using WORKING WELL

It’s all very noble having the goal of creating a high performance work force, but regardless of the expertise, qualifications, experience or the motivation of your people, you can never achieve your business potential if your work force is NOT physically or cognitively HIGH PERFORMANCE CAPABLE.


‘Over 82% of your workforce start work every single day with some form of health, wellbeing and medication issue.’ (NZ MoH Health of the Workforce Report 2017)


‘Staff report that in an average week at work, they are on the top of their game, (on fire) an average of just ONE DAY a WEEK'

When asked the number 1 reason why, over 96% of respondents indicated that; "Health / how they were feeling" was the cause.'(2016 OECD Report on Work Place Productivity)


Working well (or any of our other systems) is not a weight loss programme. We make no apology for the fact we are 100% health & wellbeing focused. However, the reason 'weight' loss is not one of the 21 co-factors of optimum health is because it's a SYMPTOM OF POOR HEALTH. Most people incorrectly believe they need to lose weight to be healthy. The exact opposite is true. 'They first need to be healthy to lose weight'. So "yes" we can get weight off you and keep it off, but it's always a consequence of improved health and the balancing of the 30 co-factors of optimum wellbeing. Conversely - we can help you improve your health while you still retain your current weight, or if need be, we can help you put quality weight on. You just need to make it clear what your weight management goal is at the start of your programme. But if you are looking to lose weight without first addressing your health - you have come to the wrong place.

Let us show you how we can help your business flourish by making your staff flourish.

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