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Any organisation that believes they have the capability, capacity and will to improve.

Size is no matter. We provide services and support to businesses with less than 10 staff (even sole traders where it's critical they stay on top of their game) all the way through to multi-national corporations with hundreds of employees.

As an employer / manager / CEO - you just need to recognise the connection between the success of your business and the health, happiness and wellbeing of your staff.

"Businesses just need to get their head around the the fact that 'wellness' is actually a 'thing' and a pretty significant thing at that. When done well the tanglible changes in staff engagement are immediate. I've learn't that everyone has their own little health narrative that impacts on how they work. To have a private and very professional company deal with this in a confidential and efficient way is huge."

Catherine Atkinson (Briscoes Group)

We do what you can't.

We provide professional, confidential and private support to your workforce. OUR ROLE IS TO MAKE YOUR COMPANY PERFORM BETTER by looking after the health & wellbeing of your key assets.

We protect your employees from sickness and disease and we revese the cause of existing sickness and disease. Above all else we prevent your staff from becoming ill.

Most of the issues we resolve for your staff never see the light of day. In fact 95% of the things we deal with the business would have no idea about.

These include:

Anxiety, Depression, Drinking Issues,

Migraines, Headaches, Insomnia,

Skin issues, Digestive issues, Gut / Bowel issues,

Food intolerances, Food allergies, Cancer,

Cardiovascular disease, Kidney issues, Liver issues,

Thyroid disease, Adrenal fratigue, Endometriosiss,

Fertility issues , PCOS, Diverticulitis,

Cellulitis, Hormonal imbalance, Pathogens,

UTI's, Inflammatory conditions, Weight management,

Oxidative stress, Stress, Addictions,

Gout, Shingles, Crohn's Disease,

Diabetes, High blood pressure, Ulcers,

Histamine Intolerance, Cholesterol, Constipation,

IBS / IBD, Gall / kidney stones, Rheumatism,

Low libido, Poor circulation, Poor immunity,

All autoimmune disorders, Vascular dementia onset, Parkinson's onset,

Ulcerative Colitis, The list goes on.

AND - we don't just work with specific employees - we provide support their entire family - THERE IS NO ADDITIONAL COST.

We know that a sick child, parent or family member can cause undue stress and anxiety that may impact on ones ability to perform at work.

OUR ROLE - is to help your staff be better at their job. Sometimes this involves working more with their loved ones than the staff member themself. THIS IS WHAT WE DO for NO COST.


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