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What does PARENTING do?

Imagine running a family environment illness free, where your children experience no major sickness or disease through their formative years. Throughout their childhood they instinctively build wellbeing and health habits for life.

We also work with the parents of children with health issues to reverse the cause of those conditions.


As parents you do not want children to be 100% cold or flu free because this is how their immune system develops and builds immunity. We guarantee NO major sickness or preventable disease if the system is followed - but the oddd shiffle they do get will be minor and quick.

Parents who boast of children that NEVER become ill are setting their children up to be immune deprived as adults and a world of sickness and disease.

" PARENTING WELL is unbelievable good. Lucy started life with some real health challenges and I honestly believed this was her destiny for life. Our Doctor did as well. But the gradual changes we have made to the way we live and eat have turned her life around. I know 'miracle' is a strong word, but that's exactly how we feel. Thank you all for your ongoing support. We are with PEH for life."

Andrea and Daniel Bethany. Bay of Islands, NZ

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