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A remarkable 5 week programme that integrates 5 systems that will literally change your wellbeing and health for life. If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, ZAP guarantees to change this for you.


Zap is the integration of 5 systems that once morphed into your lifestyle will provide you with a model by which to live a healthy and well life. It’s specifically designed for busy people who simply just want to make a change but don’t want life turned up-side down. Most people understand WHAT they need to do to be healthy and well (eat good food, exercise, reduce stress, sleep) but very few people understand HOW. Zap is about the HOW.

Over 5 weeks we integrate 5 systems that help you form a lifestyle that will result in great health & wellbeing.

ZAP is short, sharp, affordable, straight to the point, easy to introduce and a highly effective strategy to improve both your physical and mental health.

When the five systems are correctly integrated ZAP will ensure:

· You do not get sick (guaranteed). BIG claim right? Only because it's 100% correct. We guarantee it. You simply will not get sick.

· You will have high energy levels, alertness and focus with the ability to concentrate ALL DAY - EVERY DAY.

· You develop a lifestyle framework that will lead to optimum health. ZAP will form the basis of a life style change.

· You will stay permanently away from the Doctors surgery. Imagine only needing to visit a Doctor once every 3 or 5 years for just a warrant of health check.

· You can easily manage your weight. Even those people who have struggled with weight management all their life will get sustainable results with ZAP. We guarantee it.

If you are experiencing serious health issues and are sick of the endless cycle of medication, doctor, specialist and hospital visits, then ZAP PLUS can more than likely help you. ZAP PLUS is a specialist support programme that follows on from ZAP, targeting specific health issue. (Refer to the ZAP PLUS programme for details).

A final word about mental health issues.

Conventional treatments methods for mental health issues tend to focus from the chin up.

At Halcyon - we focus from feet up. Treatment of mental health issues is as much physiological as it is psychological. The hormones and precursor chemical receptors that control brain health are largley produced in the gut. The ZAP process includes the master system that improves cognitive health and wellbeing.

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