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Q: How long does ZAP PLUS usually take to work?

A: Until we start the ZAP PLUS process and watch the symptom picture tracking, we really have no idea how long the process will take. Some people prior to ZAP PLUS have had systemic failure brewing for 20, even 40 years, so sometimes it takes a bit of time to get cause reversal traction. But the comforting thing is - your coach is with you though to resolution.

Q: Can ZAP PLUS be paid in instalments?

A: Yes. We do not want cost to be prohibitive. If you decide to sign up manually just mention you perfer an instalment process. It will be sorted from there.

Q: What happens if I need to take a break from ZAP PLUS because of unexpected life events?

A: Absolutely no problem. Once you have paid / signed on, we are with you through to resolution. There is no time line. Some people have delayed ZAP PLUS for 6 months and come back after "Life" matters were resolved. Just have a conversation with your coach. We are here to help and serve

Q: How long have I got after completing ZAP before I need to start ZAP PLUS?

A: Obviously the closer the end date of ZAP is to the start date for ZAP PLUS the quicker you will get results. But it's up to you. Once you have completed ZAP most of the life style shifts are in place so ZAP PLUS is not intrusive at all. Generally the benefits of ZAP start negating after 24 months especially if you are not following the SWITCH protocols or receiving COACH support

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