The Coach Smith


How does it work?

· There is a focus on the wellbeing and health of both partners pre conception and / or during the pregnancy and / or during the first years of a baby’s life.

· Couples can enter STARTING illness free before conception, during the pregnancy (prenatal) or postnatally (after the birth of the child)

Once Signed On.

· Both individuals complete a symptom picture analysis

· A personalized health status is produced, with focus areas identified for each individual

· A customized programme is constructed.

· Content comes via email every week


- The focus is on macro and micro nutrient balance, hormonal balance, microbiome balance, sleep quality and quantity, exercise and immune system balance.

- Ensuring both individuals are in optimum personal wellbeing and health.

During Pregnancy:

- The focus is on mothers and baby’s nutritional health and wellbeing, the correct macro and micro nutritional balance, exercise balance.

- Ensuring that any little issues that may pop up are dealt with naturally, quickly and effectively.


- The focus is on supporting the mother systematically back to optimum mental and physical wellbeing and health.

- Ensuring the optimum health of the father

- Guiding both parents on the development progressions of a baby and his / her nutritional, cognitive, physical and social requirements.

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