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Before starting ZAP PLUS you first need to have completed the 6 week ZAP system

From the ZAP PLUS sign on process you will have a personalised programme put together to specifically address the cause of your health issue.

You implement the programme.


Every week you and your coach have a symptom picture conversation, or email (whichever is easier)

We track your programme progress by watching the symptom changes (reduce, change or increase) Symptoms will allow your coach to tweak your programme to accurately target the CAUSE.

The goal of ZAP PLUS is to remove (or at the very least reduce) all symptoms by focusing on the systemic cause of the health / wellbeing issue.

Your coach stays with you until you feel the condition is resolved or controlled by you.

You control this process and the timeline.

NB: Sometimes long standing health conditions take time to resolve. You can't always turn around 20 years of neglect or systemic failure within 2 weeks or two months. We provide you with the strategy that we guarantee will work, but the timeline for changes can vary.

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