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Sometimes intending parents have experienced some health or wellbeing issues throughout life. If these issues are not resolved (as opposed to just being treated with medication) the hormonal and biochemical changes associated with pregnancy and childbirth can create life-long damage.

For women, conception, pregnancy and childbirth constitutes arguably the biggest hormonal change process in her life. (The other two are puberty and menopause)

Understanding how the body changes, the new needs to accommodate these changes and ensuring both mother and baby remain healthy throughout the entire process is the focus of STARTING.

Ideally we start this process before conception.

- Many of our starting clients are planning to begin a family or extend their family when they first come to us.

- Our role is identify (using a symptom picture profile) and wellbeing or health conditions that may impact on fertility, a mothers health and a new babies health and address the cause of these issues.

- We work with both partners during the fertility phase.

Once pregnant we guide a couple through the 3 trimesters, keeping things simple, but ensuring all the correct nutritional, sleep, physical activity, gut microbiome and hormonal balance components are in place.

Post-partum can be challenging for many women. We prepare a couple pre delivery for this phase so a strategy is in place.

We then run postnatal support to ensure mother, father and child move seamlessly though the first 12 months of a child's life.

We are available to help parents deal with all of those little issues that can pop up, (Colic, rashes, infections etc.) without the intervention of medication.

NOTE: there are sometimes situations when medication is a requirement. Parents that apply PEH look for the non - pharma interventions before reverting to drugs. This keeps medication use to less than 5% of occasions, instead of the typical medical model where medication is administered as the first intervention in over 95% of occasions.

As an example:

A typical 5 year old will have had an average 7 rounds of antibiotics by the time they start school. When prescribed the antibiotics, they are also prescribed probiotics or prebiotics in the belief it will offset some of the damage to the gut microbiome. This is in fact 100% incorrect.

Every round of antibiotics will destroy a high percentage of a child’s good and bad gut bacteria. Because gut bacteria is a huge influencer on a child’s mental, physical and immune health, the likelihood of ongoing health issues is very high. When bacteria is destroyed a perfect storm exists for fungal growth. To prevent this Doctors prescribe probiotics, but because the balance of gut bacteria left after antibiotics is mostly bad bacteria, the probiotics / prebiotic simply provides more fuel for these bacteria, increasing the number of colonies.

So we provide guidance to parents on how to avoid the use of antibiotics in the first instance, how to reverse the cause or prevent many of the typical illnesses and disease children under one develop, while still building a strong immune defense system.

"We started the Halo process 10 months before we intended to start a family. Six months later I fell pregnant. Too damn healthy I suspect, as both Adam and I felt absolutely amazing leading into this process.

From day one I've felt in very competent, knowledgeable and safe hands with the starting team. Their motto is 'keep things simple and uncomplicated' and that’s exactly how it's been. I still have a midwife and my Doctor, but the knowledge, guidance and advice offered by starting is at another level. Three of my closest friends are PEH for life and I now understand why. And - when I get my little panic attacks, I can ring my coach any day of the week to get my little dose of "that's perfectly normal Sally".

Sally & Adam Ballantyne, Cambridge,NZ

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