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Q: How much time is required each week to introduce ZAP?

A: The only time you need to be thinking about ZAP during the day is around meal time or when you exercise. The beauty about ZAP is that it fits into your existing life style and work commitments, not the other way around. Once you have your head around the weekly structure, ZAP is completely non-intrusive.

Q: I've heard that one of the systems can be challenging to introduce for some people. Is this correct?

A: You will be referring to System 5: Humdinger. For approximately 5% of people who run Humdinger the first couple of days can be a bit challenging. In particular people that have a history of smoking cigarettes, extensive alcohol use, high sugar / carbohydrate consumption or high medication use, can find the first couple of days as the die off occurs, interesting. Every individual on the planet has a build up of pathogens (negative bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, mould) in their system. They are the catalyst for inflammation, oxidation and glycation, the three villains that make us sick, age us and eventually kill us. Humdinger organically removes these pathogens. We have had literally hundreds of people run Humdinger and so we know all the tricks to make it more comfortable for the 5%. Over 95% of people that run the protocol just cruize through as long as they are supported by a coach. Once you have completed Humdinger, you simply cannot become ill. Imagine that possibility!!

Q: Is ZAP suitable for people in retirement or over 65 years of age?

A: Yes, although we do have a modified verson of ZAP for people over 65 (through ZAP3) We have had remarkable success with people in their 70's and 80's improving quality of life, reducing or removing medication and reversing long standing illnesses. Zap doesn't profess to make you live longer but it will dramatically improve your quality of life.

Q: How do I get a reluctant partner to do ZAP?

A: If someone is not interested in improving their health & wellbeing in just 5 weeks you are better to just park it and get on with looking after yourself. If someone is not ready to improve their wellbeing & health they are wasting their time starting ZAP. That said, we do get a number of (male) skeptics forced into running a progamme by a spouse, and almost always they become our biggest crusaders when they feel the results, yet realise they can still drink their beer / wine and still eat all their favourite foods.

Q: If two people in the same household run ZAP do they both need to pay for a programme?

A: YES. If we put 100 people into a room and started them all on ZAP, every single one of them will react slighly differently to the protocols. We get the odd person come to us who has been handed a programme from a friend, family member or colleague only to find themselves in difficulty after their metabolism has reacted negatively to the introduction of one or more system. Three of the 5 systems pose a risk to someone if not being coached. So many things can influence how an individual responds (medication use, supplement use, food allergies, hormonal balance, sleep quality, immune health, gut health and the mix of pathogens inside someone).

Our only protection is to register a client and coach them through the protocols. We take no responsibility for unregistered people running ZAP, regardless of whether they end up in hospital or not. If someone requires our help we charge them $500 (+Gst) to do so. You would be amazed at how often we receive calls of distress from people who have effectively stolen a programme and now need help. So - run you own programme. Protect yourself from mishap and ensure the effort you put in gives you the right results.

Q Are you serious about the 'Can't Get Sick' claim?

A. 100%.We use this protocol with high performance athletes who are desperate to avoid sickness and disease when training, competing and travelling. It has never failed. We tested the protocol on 3 thirty something year old males and one female who crossed India on a Tuk Tuk, ate in villages (but drank bottled water). Two months and no illness. From the hundreds of clients that have completed ZAP, not a single one has come back because it didn't work. ZAP works. If you are coached through the introduction of the 6 systems, apply them correctly, you will not get sick. However, if you decide to eat a plate of raw chicken things might be different but by applying SWITCH after ZAP the protection contines for years. We conservatively give the shelf life of no illness a minimum of two years.

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