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How does it work?

· There is a focus on the wellbeing and health of both parents to ensure they model best nutritional, wellbeing and health practice.

· Once parents understand the principles of optimal living we work specifically on any health issues children may be experiencing.

· The programme is focused on building an instinctive way of living that ensures the entire family is healthy and well.

· Children carry these innate habits with them throughout the rest of their life.

Once Signed On.

· Both parents complete a symptom picture analysis

· A personalized health status is produced, with focus areas identified for each individual: Refer to LIVING illness free. This is the programme parents go on.

· A customized programme is constructed for each adult

· Content comes via email every week.


· Parents complete a child specific symptoms picture analysis

· A child’s personalized health status is produced, with focus areas identified to cause reverse any emerged or emerging health issues.

· Parents are coached on how to support their children.

· For a child to excel and live an optimum life they need a balance between

- optimum wellbeing and health

- optimal education

- Optimal parenting

The PARENTING team are specialists in these three areas, providing inclusive support to parents.

NOTE: unless a child is over 16, we have no direct contact with them. All support is provided through the parents.

"Hi guys. I just want to send you a massive thanks for what you do for us as a family. As a bit of a late starting mum 'starting' gave Tom and I the results we wanted. After setting up the habits at home through PARENTING we find 'Support' is all we need. The kids health is just fantastic as is ours. And we appreciate the really quick response if we send a question through. Love what you do and provide!"

Katherine & Tom Howard

Queenstown, NZ

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