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ZAP is remarkably simple.

There are SIX integrated systems that are introduced into your existing life style.

System 1: How to structure your week, food and exercise

System 2: Cleaning out your pipes - understanding body and brain detoxification

System 3: Biotics. The gut health strategy that will change your life

System 4: Ketone adaption, Immune health, Sleep health

System 5: 'Humdinger': the removal of pathogens (negative bacteria, viruses, pasasites, fungi, moulds, biofilms) from your system.

System 6: Mind Health: An incredible system that allows you to 'still the mind' at will and move off that level one mental spectrum where we are constantly; judging, analysing, solving, rationalizing and thinking. Mind health can only occur once you have your physiological health under control.

1. We provide a 100% money back guarantee of results if you complete the 6 systems.

2. Flexibility exists to extend the introduction of the 6 systems beyond the 6 weeks if it suits you better.

3. Once the six systems have been introduced we lock it all together for you with a revolutionary new way of eating and living seasonally (called SWITCH) that will ensure your health and wellbeing functions at optimum throughout your life. ZAP sets the foundation for a simple way of living. You also have the option of ongoing support for you and your family after completing ZAP or ZAP PLUS through COACH.

4. Every Friday over 6 weeks you receive a short YOU TUBE video introducing the principle for that week's system . You also received a written copy of the transcript and supporting documents.

5. Each new system is sequential as it morphs in the previously introduced systems.

6. You are assigned a professional wellness coach who you have access to seven days a week over 9 weeks. (The additional weeks allows for any bedding in queries)

7. If you started ZAP with bigger health issues or higher medication use and wanted to address the cause of those issues, ZAP PLUS is available to you after completing ZAP.

NOTE: Most of those long standing health niggles that you have put up with / normalised for months or sometimes years will be addressed with ZAP. However bigger autoimmune, hormonal, cardiovascular, mental health issues may need some extra attention with ZAP PLUS.

NOTE: Only clients that have completed ZAP are eligible for ZAP PLUS

8. Once ZAP or ZAP PLUS is completed 'COACH' is available to you: Continual access to coaching support and the latest research, science and developments on wellbeing and health


There is no other wellbeing system on the planet that offers a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE you will achieve results. The reason for this is simple. There is no other wellbeing and health system like ZAP. The system simply does not fail if applied correctly.

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