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Initially we have only offered ZAP to the employees of businesses we work with, however because of the programme success and high demand we have opened ZAP up to the general public.

Signing up is very simple.

1. Send an email to: - with 'ZAP' in the subject box.

2. You will be contacted by your coach within 24 hours.

3. We ask you to complete and return a short (confidential) pre-ZAP form.

3. Once your payment is cleared you are underway.

NOTE: if you would like to have a confidential (no obligation) conversation with a wellness coach to determine if ZAP is right for you, just email: - 'Enquiry' in the subject box.

Once signed up:

Every FRIDAY for 5 weeks you will receive.

* A short video outlining the system for that week

* A written copy of the video transcript

* Support resources when required

* The key focus theme for that week along with content.

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